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A Moment With One Of Our Moms

In honor of Mother's Day, Robertson's Flowers asked one of our own super moms to share her experience and insight when it comes to both floral design and raising kids. Name: Sandy Robertson MacEachern Kids' first names and ages: I have a daughter, Sarah (27) and a son, Jaime (22). How did you get into floral work?    I'm part of the 4th generation at Robertson's, my family's business, so I started working on weekends as a teenager and it has just evolved from there. It's been such an amazing journey watching the company grow and evolve with the community and trends in the floral industry. Read More about A Moment With One Of Our Moms »
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Custom Celebrations For The Spring Season

Robertson's Flowers loves this time of year, when our Philadelphia-area grads are off to parties, proms, award ceremonies and, of course, graduation. For many of our young scholars, the flowers they receive (or give) during this time are some of the first of their lives, and without a doubt some of the most memorable. This is why the floral gift you offer your favorite grad takes on a lot of significance---not only will these flowers be remembered, but they will be well photographed, tied to one of the most emotion-filled moments we look back on. Graduation isn't the only momentous event to take place in spring, either. Read More about Custom Celebrations For The Spring Season »
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Raising Desktop Awareness For Desks Everywhere

After a long winter, it's time to take stock of our work surfaces. This includes, but is not limited to, conference tables, reception areas, personal desks, cubicles and common tables. If these surfaces are looking cluttered, dismal or just totally bereft, it's time for a little "Desktop Awareness." We here at Robertson's Flowers feel it's incumbent upon us to bring attention to the plight of sad desks everywhere ahead of Administrative Professionals Day, which falls on April 25. It's time to refresh those work stations with plants and flowers. Read More about Raising Desktop Awareness For Desks Everywhere »
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A Fresh Addition For Spring

We spend a lot of time at the start of spring thinking about how to pare down in our homes, performing deep cleans and deciding what will stay and what will go. We think about what still serves us in our private spaces (and in our gardens), and what does not, and start whittling down from there. The urge to refresh our homes is strong, but we here at Robertson's Flowers recommend that you focus instead on what you can add in to bring a sense of renewal and well-being to your space. Read More about A Fresh Addition For Spring »
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Meet Scent Standout, Hyacinth

We love to design for the eyes here at Robertson's Flowers, don't get us wrong, but it's another thing altogether to design for the nose. Our olfactory sense is powerful (just ask the scientists) and one of the most meaningful ways we associate certain feelings with people, places and events. All flowers have a fragrance, even the ones that appear not to. We might describe that scent as "fresh" and "green," but it's there, and when you've developed a nose for these things, as we have, you pick up on it right away. Read More about Meet Scent Standout, Hyacinth »
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Charmed, I’m Sure, By Spring

Oh, the charms of spring. We at Robertson's Flowers can hardly wait for the most glorious of seasons to make itself felt in earnest here in Philadelphia, but until then, we've got flowers. A dizzying array of fragrant, voluptuous, seasonal flowers that are just begging us to work them into designs that suggest all of the attitudes of spring---a sense of rebirth, renewal, joy. Read More about Charmed, I’m Sure, By Spring »
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Vivid Violet Is The Color Of #PressForProgress

Every year, two things happen: Pantone selects its color of the year (and we're big fans of this year's pick) and International Women's Day happens. On this day dedicated to celebrating the achievements of women, we join over 100 countries in a global effort to acknowledge the most influential women in our lives---our mentors, teachers, guides, mothers, sisters and heroes. We honor the work that continues to be done on behalf of women everywhere, by women everywhere. This March 8, Pantone's vivid Ultra Violet and IWD join forces, and we at Robertson's Flowers couldn't be happier about it. Read More about Vivid Violet Is The Color Of #PressForProgress »
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Make Yourself Happy With Flowers

When's the last time you treated yourself to flowers? We should clarify---we don't mean the kind pulled from the bin at the supermarket. We mean a rich, robust, fragrant, layered clutch of flowers, brought together in a vase just so by skilled designers. We mean a piece of art that happens (very deliberately, we might add) to be made of flowers. If it's been awhile (or worse, never!), then allow us at Robertson's Flowers to elaborate on why it's so important to give yourself the gift of blooms. Read More about Make Yourself Happy With Flowers »
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Want An Occasion To Matter? Just Add Flowers

Some of our favorite flower exchanges here at Robertson's Flowers have nothing to do with the major events, holidays or occasions we typically think of as warranting them. It's the flower gifts that are personal to the people involved and where the giving is entirely self-motivated that really inspire us. And though we have category-upon- category of flowers organized in such a way as to get you to the perfect design for an occasion, we love the fact that when it's a unique exchange, you can pick from wherever you like. Read More about Want An Occasion To Matter? Just Add Flowers »
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Stunning Ways To Celebrate Creative Romance Month

You know it's Valentine's Day season, but did you also know that February is officially designated as "Creative Romance Month"? That's right, you have not just one chance to get it right this month romantically, but several weeks. So if you love love like we do here at Robertson's Flowers, allow us to show you just how romantic a design of fresh blooms can be. Read More about Stunning Ways To Celebrate Creative Romance Month »
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