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Mardi Gras Traditions and Celebrations

Derived both from traditions of the Christian faith and pagan fertility festivals, Mardi Gras is a holiday celebration unlike any other. Although famously celebrated in places such as New Orleans and Mobile, the birthplace of the custom, Mardi Gras festivities now take place in virtually every major city in the United States - from parades to costume contests, to over-the-top food festivals, "Fat Tuesday" does not disappoint. In you are having a Mardi Gras party, you'll need masks, beads, King Cake - and flowers! After all, you'll need to cover your home with the traditional gold, purple and green, and there is no more beautiful way to do that than with flowers. Robertson's Flowers is proud to be a part of all of Philadelphia's best events and celebrations, and this is no exception. Did You Know? Mardi Gras dates back to the early days of Christianity. As Rome tried to integrate the new faith with pagan tradition and ritual, they decided to have a massive party that culminated on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. During Lent, the faithful would fast and repent, so "Fat Tuesday" was created to eat all of the food in the house before the fast began. The tradition spread to France, where the name was translated "Mardi Gras".  Read More about Mardi Gras Traditions and Celebrations »
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Floral Design Day – Meet Nicole

Floral Design Day was established in 1995, in honor of Carl Rittner, the founder of the School of Floral Design in Boston. Rittner is recognized as a visionary in the industry, one of the first in the United States to elevate the discipline of floral design to an art form. And on the day that his legacy is celebrated across the country, we thought that we would introduce you to one of Robertson's Flowers own design superstars, Nicole. Read More about Floral Design Day – Meet Nicole »
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A Month To Celebrate Philadelphia Weddings

As we make our way through cold weather and snowstorms in this part of the country, we may wonder why February has been designated as National Wedding Month. It is not as if February is a popular month for nuptials - as a matter of fact, it falls at 10th place on the list, with June, August, and September being the top choices for brides. But the National Association of Bridal Consultants actually had a strong argument for choosing this wintry month for the designation, and it has more to do with wedding planning than wedding ceremonies. If you are among the many planning Philadelphia weddings this year, you can trust Robertson's Flowers to provide the most spectacular bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and venue decor - not to mention exceptional expertise and customer service. Read More about A Month To Celebrate Philadelphia Weddings »
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Get Well Flowers to Lift Their Spirits

This is the season of sneezes and sniffles, and cold weather is forecast for months to come. No one enjoys being sick, and when one of our loved ones is under the weather we tend to do everything we can to make them feel better. Whether facing the common cold or recovering from surgery in the hospital, get well flowers convey good wishes and heartfelt sentiments for a full recovery. And when you call Robertson's Flowers, you can be assured that the very best floral designs will arrive to brighten their day. We Have Proof! Of course, we have always known that flowers have the ability to spread happiness. But a recent study at Harvard University has provided scientific evidence to back up that claim. Across every demographic, when a bouquet of flowers was presented to a recipient, their levels of happiness and well-being grew measurably. Since illness is known to inspire sadness and anxiety, flowers are the perfect antidote.  Read More about Get Well Flowers to Lift Their Spirits »
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Celebrating Romance

They say romance never goes out of style. At Robertson’s Flowers, we could not agree more. Although many folks may reserve the romance for Valentine’s Day or anniversaries, the true romantics know that there is a never a wrong… Read More about Celebrating Romance »
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Ruby Red July

With each month comes a birthstone, and for July birthdays, it is none other than the fiery ruby. The ruby has been symbolic of nobility and royalty for as long as history records; those richest in color were thought… Read More about Ruby Red July »
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