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Sisters Day Honors Your First Best Friend

On August 6, we celebrate both National Friendship Day and National Sisters Day. For many people, these two people are one and the same - their sister is their lifelong best friend, or their best friend is closer than a sister. The presence of sisters and good friends in our lives is hugely beneficial and contributes positively to our well being and happiness. So if you want to let her know that she means the world to you, start at Philadelphia's premier florist, Robertson's Flowers. Read More about Sisters Day Honors Your First Best Friend »
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Tropical Flowers for the Heat of Summer

Summer is sizzling in Philadelphia, and the heat outside is rivaled only by the hot summer tropical flowers available at our shop. The team at Robertson's Flowers has put together a collection of beautiful exotic flowers that infuse paradise into your home decor, transforming your ambiance with their presence. We invite you to come and discover the amazing summer florals that are bringing the heat - we are sure that you will find the perfect arrangement for all of your summer occasions and events.  Read More about Tropical Flowers for the Heat of Summer »
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Bee Friendly Plants & Butterfly Gardens

Nature is definitely amazing. Not only are flowers - in all their variety - absolutely gorgeous, but they are part of a delicate ecosystem. Butterflies and bees rely on the flowers for their survival, and we rely on the insects for pollination of all plants and flowers. Given the interdependence between people, flowers and insects, bee and butterfly gardens are an awesome way to celebrate the beauty of nature. And although some butterfly gardens are extravagant, you really only need a few flowers and plants to attract the industrious insects - whether in pots or window boxes! Robertson's Flowers is proud to provide the bright and beautiful flowers that will beckon and welcome them into your yard. Wait, we want bees? You may be surprised to hear us speaking about attracting honeybees to your backyard. But the bee population worldwide is in rapid and dramatic decline, and these little guys need our help. They need healthy and safe places to gather nectar and pollen, so that they can continue to do what they do best. Remember, bees are a critical component to our food supply globally! And don't worry, scientists say that a honeybee foraging for food will pay you no attention - simply give them their space so they don't feel threatened, and you won't have to worry about being stung. Read More about Bee Friendly Plants & Butterfly Gardens »
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Luxurious Rose Bouquets & Arrangements

June is National Rose Month, and there is no better place in Philadelphia to celebrate than at Robertson's Flowers. We have the most exquisite and luxurious rose bouquets available - if you think you know roses, you may be surprised! This month, we invite you to browse our online collection of rose designs you won't see anywhere else - and to fall in love with roses all over again. We are happy to share with you some of our most popular designs of the season. Which is your favorite? Can't Get Enough? Check out our Pinterest Board!  Read More about Luxurious Rose Bouquets & Arrangements »
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Pretty Peonies for Spring

There are many spring flowers, but few are as beloved and coveted as the beautiful peony. This week, we shine a spotlight on this lavish, luxurious and gorgeous late spring bloom. Whether to give as a gift or to fill your own home with seasonal grace and beauty, pretty peonies are a perfect choice. Official Ambassador: The peony is native to Asia, Southern Europe, and Western North America; but it is the national flower of only one country - China.  Read More about Pretty Peonies for Spring »
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Desktop Designs & Cubes for Administrative Professionals Week

Administrative Professionals Week was instituted in the 1950's as a way to fill the many empty office positions in growing post-war businesses. Although originally established as National Secretary's Day, the initiative grew to encompass a full week of observances and to include a range of professionals - from administrative assistants to front desk receptionists. These days, the week-long celebration is meant to honor all of those professionals who support others in the office. After all, these are the people that truly make the business run smoothly day to day. We don't know where we would be without these dedicated and diligent individuals, and that is reason enough to celebrate Administrative Professionals Week. At Robertson's Flowers, we have the sophisticated, elegant, beautiful and thoughtful designs you will need to let your most valuable employees that you couldn't do without them. Read More about Desktop Designs & Cubes for Administrative Professionals Week »
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Vibrant Spring Flowers are Here

The turning of the seasons is always an occasion for excitement -  the springtime delivers extended sunny days, warmer temperatures, and all new occasions to celebrate! At Robertson's Flowers, the start of spring means brand new flowers for us to use in our floral designs - and that is something we look forward to all year. Spring flowers are vivid and bright, and our new bouquets and arrangements exhibit all the fresh ambiance of the season! So open up the windows, breathe deep of the fresh air, and fill your home with these gorgeous flowers. Here are a few of our favorite vibrant spring flowers and floral designs:  Read More about Vibrant Spring Flowers are Here »
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Flowers for Those Who Rescue Animals

In every walk of life, there are unsung heroes. On March 23rd, we celebrate the tireless efforts of the dedicated staff and volunteers who work to rescue animals - most notably puppies and dogs. National Puppy Day strives to shine a light on the problems of overpopulation and overcrowding in shelters and to highlight the very great need for families to adopt from these facilities. Those involved in rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming canines are passionate about their mission and sometimes go to great lengths to find a forever home for every possible pet. We wish every dog could be as loved as this gorgeous guy! This bride and groom asked us to cover his harness in wedding flowers in order to become a part of the bridal party. How cute is that? Read More about Flowers for Those Who Rescue Animals »
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Floral Decor for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day celebrates all things Irish, and that means the beauty of many shades of green. At Robertson's Flowers, we have the privilege of working with the florals, plants, and natural elements that exhibit nuances of this verdant shade in spectacular ways. This March 17th, we look forward to celebrating the "wearing o' the green" in a different way, by covering Philadelphia in this soothing, vibrant color. Did You Know? St. Patrick, a Christian missionary to the Emerald Isle, was not Irish, but British. But he so adored his adopted homeland - and they so adored him - that upon his death he was given a feast day to honor him, The rest is history. But as St. Patrick was "Irish by association", so can we all be Irish on St. Patty's Day. Read More about Floral Decor for St. Patrick’s Day »
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Mardi Gras Traditions and Celebrations

Derived both from traditions of the Christian faith and pagan fertility festivals, Mardi Gras is a holiday celebration unlike any other. Although famously celebrated in places such as New Orleans and Mobile, the birthplace of the custom, Mardi Gras festivities now take place in virtually every major city in the United States - from parades to costume contests, to over-the-top food festivals, "Fat Tuesday" does not disappoint. In you are having a Mardi Gras party, you'll need masks, beads, King Cake - and flowers! After all, you'll need to cover your home with the traditional gold, purple and green, and there is no more beautiful way to do that than with flowers. Robertson's Flowers is proud to be a part of all of Philadelphia's best events and celebrations, and this is no exception. Did You Know? Mardi Gras dates back to the early days of Christianity. As Rome tried to integrate the new faith with pagan tradition and ritual, they decided to have a massive party that culminated on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. During Lent, the faithful would fast and repent, so "Fat Tuesday" was created to eat all of the food in the house before the fast began. The tradition spread to France, where the name was translated "Mardi Gras".  Read More about Mardi Gras Traditions and Celebrations »
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