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Be Inspired By Gorgeous Fall Blooms

Fall is a wondrous time when the changing of leaves, cooler temperatures, and delicious pumpkin-flavored everything signals the onset of the season. At Robertson‘s Flowers & Events, we are excited to showcase the spectacular fall offerings our seasonal collection offers. Autumn provides a bounty of inspiration to create unique designs filled with natural elements, exciting textures, and vibrant colors. Flowers filling our vases during fall are beautiful to behold. Indulge in our fall collection and choose something fabulous to send to anyone in the Philadelphia area or to update your own space with fall decor. Read More about Be Inspired By Gorgeous Fall Blooms »
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Include Flair On Your Summer Table

Now that summer is in full swing, we're enjoying longer days, warmer weather and plenty of time outdoors. For example, we gather together with friends and family to enjoy long summer evenings. Include fresh flair on your summer table in the form of flowers, succulents, or other lush foliage. Choose flowers to decorate for every event this summer. The floral designers at Robertson's Florist & Events are happy to display our summer table collection for you to choose from this year. Read More about Include Flair On Your Summer Table »
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IFD’s Airy & Comforting Floral Trend

We are proud to announce the new Floral Trend Forecast for 2019! This year's looks include some of the most airy and comforting floral trends we've seen in a long time. The floral designers at Robertson's Flowers are especially excited about Ethereal Bliss, a melodic blend of soft, neutral colors and strong, sturdy materials that create a warm elegance without the weight. Look for gender-neutral pink ("the new neutral") accompanied by tones of sage and lavender for a muted palette that leaves room for natural elements like bronze, marble, wood grain and leather in deep brown undertones. The classic look of garden flowers fits this trend beautifully with a modern twist on classic style. Read More about IFD’s Airy & Comforting Floral Trend »
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Be Inspired to Share Your Heart

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and that means that we will be seeing a lot of heart-shaped gifts, balloons, candies, stuffed animals, and other treats to bless your sweetheart this season. At Robertson‘s Flowers & Events we still believe that sending the perfect flowers for Valentine’s Day is the best way to share your heart with your loved one. The type of flower you choose to send, along with the choice of color, is a great way to communicate exactly how you feel. Styles and colors of flowers always speak a particular message, so be inspired to share your heart   this year at Valentine’s Day with the flowers you send. Read More about Be Inspired to Share Your Heart »
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New Year’s Blooms

As the New Year approaches, we turn our attention to making small changes in our lives that will increase our health, happiness and strengthen our relationships. The floral experts at Robertson's Flowers believe that flowers can accomplish all of these things. Here’s how: Flowers boost creativity. Studies show that having bright colors near you when you're doing creative work allows for more open thinking. Surround yourself with your favorite flowers in your favorite hues to add creative energy to your work. Flowers reduce stress. Gazing at the color green, especially green plants and the leafy foliage that comes with flowers, is known to lower stress and anxiety levels. Having flowers near you as you work is a great way to reduce stress. Flowers help you strengthen relationships. Taking care of another living thing will lead to more compassion, more empathy and more emphasis on others around you. What great qualities to bring into any relationship! Read More about New Year’s Blooms »
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Luxurious Rose Bouquets & Arrangements

June is National Rose Month, and there is no better place in Philadelphia to celebrate than at Robertson's Flowers. We have the most exquisite and luxurious rose bouquets available - if you think you know roses, you may be surprised! This month, we invite you to browse our online collection of rose designs you won't see anywhere else - and to fall in love with roses all over again. We are happy to share with you some of our most popular designs of the season. Which is your favorite? Can't Get Enough? Check out our Pinterest Board!  Read More about Luxurious Rose Bouquets & Arrangements »
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A Month To Celebrate Philadelphia Weddings

As we make our way through cold weather and snowstorms in this part of the country, we may wonder why February has been designated as National Wedding Month. It is not as if February is a popular month for nuptials - as a matter of fact, it falls at 10th place on the list, with June, August, and September being the top choices for brides. But the National Association of Bridal Consultants actually had a strong argument for choosing this wintry month for the designation, and it has more to do with wedding planning than wedding ceremonies. If you are among the many planning Philadelphia weddings this year, you can trust Robertson's Flowers to provide the most spectacular bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and venue decor - not to mention exceptional expertise and customer service. Read More about A Month To Celebrate Philadelphia Weddings »
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Celebrating Romance

They say romance never goes out of style. At Robertson’s Flowers, we could not agree more. Although many folks may reserve the romance for Valentine’s Day or anniversaries, the true romantics know that there is a never a wrong… Read More about Celebrating Romance »
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