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Be Inspired to Share Your Heart

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and that means that we will be seeing a lot of heart-shaped gifts, balloons, candies, stuffed animals, and other treats to bless your sweetheart this season. At Robertson‘s Flowers & Events we still believe that sending the perfect flowers for Valentine’s Day is the best way to share your heart with your loved one. The type of flower you choose to send, along with the choice of color, is a great way to communicate exactly how you feel. Styles and colors of flowers always speak a particular message, so be inspired to share your heart   this year at Valentine’s Day with the flowers you send. Read More about Be Inspired to Share Your Heart »
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Stunning Ways To Celebrate Creative Romance Month

You know it's Valentine's Day season, but did you also know that February is officially designated as "Creative Romance Month"? That's right, you have not just one chance to get it right this month romantically, but several weeks. So if you love like we do here at Robertson's Flowers, allow us to show you just how romantic design of fresh blooms can be. Read More about Stunning Ways To Celebrate Creative Romance Month »
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National Romance Month – August Flowers

August is National Romance Month - and is your perfect opportunity to lavish your sweetheart with unexpected gestures of love and affection. After all, love knows no season, so there is no reason to wait until Valentine's Day or your anniversary! The team of experts at Robertson's Flowers has been conspiring with true romantics across Philadelphia, Bryn Mawr and Wyndmoor for over 90 years - and we have seen a lot of true love and romance during that time. We are here to help you choose the perfect bouquet or arrangement for your special relationship.  Read More about National Romance Month – August Flowers »
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