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Custom Birthstone and Birthday Bouquets

birthday bouquets2017 has arrived, bringing with it a new year full of birthdays to celebrate! If you are looking for a beautiful and unique gift for those you love, we suggest a birthstone bouquet. These vivid arrangements combine the luxury of birthstones and the beauty of flowers – and are sure to impress those you love. If you are looking for inspiration, the experts at Robertson’s Flowers have plenty to offer. Our professional floral designers will be happy to create a custom bouquet brimming with opulence and sentiment.birthday bouquetsBirthstone bouquets are designed to convey the unique essence of each gem. Each stone can be expressed creatively through flowers – for instance, January birthdays are represented by the deep red garnet, and red roses, tulips and berries make the perfect bouquet. February birthdays showcase the purple amethyst, and arrangements are comprised of roses, orchids or mums. March offers the aquamarine’s bright blue stone as inspiration, meaning that the blue hydrangea and delphinium will be employed for birthday bouquets. birthday bouquets

April’s diamonds may not have vibrant color, but they do provide plenty of glamor! You can create a bouquet celebrating these precious stones by adding shimmering details and bling to your favorite flowers. May birthday bouquets will exude the lush green of the emerald, and the June pearl is perfectly represented with lush white flowers.
birthday bouquetsThe fiery ruby shows up in July, and red flowers again make an appearance; while the August peridot’s lime-green countenance shines in green cymbidium orchids. birthday bouquets

Blue delphinium and dendrobium orchids are vibrant ambassadors of the September sapphire, and white or pastel flowers are appropriate for October’s opal. In November, the unique brownish-orange hue of the topaz can be expressed through lilies, mums, and orange roses – and the end of the year once again sees the use of light blue flowers to represent the turquoise.

birthday bouquets

For birthday bouquets, or flowers for any special occasion in the new year, call Robertson’s Flowers of Philadelphia. Your friends and family will love the fresh, beautiful floral creations that our designers have imagined just for them.