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Portray Summer Beauty With Gorgeous Blooms

Summertime is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy longer days, warmer weather and beautiful, bright colors. Getting outside is a must during the summer. We love to spend time on our porches, patios and outdoor decks. Surround yourself and your outdoor space with gorgeous summer blooms as a fabulous accent to all of your summer activities. The floral designers at Robertson's Flowers & Events are happy to showcase our gorgeous summer line. Take a look at these fabulous designs and choose something perfect for your summer activities. Read More about Portray Summer Beauty With Gorgeous Blooms »
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IFD’s Airy & Comforting Floral Trend

We are proud to announce the new Floral Trend Forecast for 2019! This year's looks include some of the most airy and comforting floral trends we've seen in a long time. The floral designers at Robertson's Flowers are especially excited about Ethereal Bliss, a melodic blend of soft, neutral colors and strong, sturdy materials that create a warm elegance without the weight. Look for gender-neutral pink ("the new neutral") accompanied by tones of sage and lavender for a muted palette that leaves room for natural elements like bronze, marble, wood grain and leather in deep brown undertones. The classic look of garden flowers fits this trend beautifully with a modern twist on classic style. Read More about IFD’s Airy & Comforting Floral Trend »
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Bewitching, Bejeweled Floral Designs

Robertson's Flowers & Events creates designs that feature gemstone colors all year long, but they never look more at home in your home than in the fall, when rich, deep hues really resonate. Nothing against the traditional harvest hues, but there's something about the jewel-toned spectrum that speaks to the vibrant, intriguing nature of fall. Not to mention, this palette gives your decor a fresh, modern look, enriching your space. Read More about Bewitching, Bejeweled Floral Designs »
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Gorgeous Custom Flowers For Every Occasion

Robertson's Flowers always looks forward to a creative challenge, and when we're working on custom pieces, that's when we feel as though our artistry and expertise really gets a chance to shine. We've cultivated a gallery of what we call Designer's Choice flowers, reflecting some of our favorite pieces. Read More about Gorgeous Custom Flowers For Every Occasion »
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Vibrant Designs To Help Them Get Well

We're solidly into cold and flu season, and chances are you know someone who is suffering from more than the winter blues. It's traditional to offer someone who is under the weather a flower gift; it shows care and concern and brings a little life into their space at a time when, let's face it, they are probably bed, couch or hospital bound. A gift of flowers can go a long way to perking someone up, we here at Robertson's Flowers believe, reminding them that they will recover. Read More about Vibrant Designs To Help Them Get Well »
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Floral Arrangements for Veterans Day

  Here in Philadelphia, we're gearing up for the Veterans Parade on November 5, as well as a wave of other events that celebrate our U.S. military veterans' service to their country. Our community is rich with such heroes, and as the observances get underway, we at Robertson's Flowers & Events are thinking about how personal gestures that extend our gratitude to our favorite patriots are just as important as public expressions. Naturally, we see the gift of flowers as the perfect way to honor our deserving family and friends. Read More about Floral Arrangements for Veterans Day »
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Inspire Generosity with Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness Day is nestled amid the cold and gray days of winter, when we may be tempted to hide inside until the spring thaw. February 17th marks this annual celebration of kindness, generosity, and compassion, and affords us the perfect opportunity to reach out beyond ourselves and find ways to add a little sunshine to people's lives. At Robertson's Flowers, we are privileged to witness kindness one bouquet at a time, all year round - and we would love to assist you in spreading joy across Philadelphia. Read More about Inspire Generosity with Random Acts of Kindness »
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