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Cool Hanging Planter Ideas

One of the quickest and easiest ways to add style and the freshness of living green plants into your home with hanging planters. Likewise, it’s just as simple to spruce up your backyard with a variety of hanging planters in all types of sizes, colors, and plant options. Here at Robertson’s Flowers, we love all things green and blooming and think there’s no better summer project than getting some hanging planters inside and outside your home.

Hanging Plants in Macrame

Hanging Planters for Inside

There are a variety of different types of containers you can use for your hanging planter, from a plastic pot to ceramic or even wicker, but regardless of the material, there must be adequate drainage holes at the bottom to prevent potential problems with your plant – such as root rot. Therefore, for indoor hanging planters, choose a container with a drip tray underneath, or placing a pot inside a pot to catch the excess water drainage is useful as well. Also, it’s important to size the pot to the plant leaving plenty of room for growth otherwise you’ll spend an inordinate amount of time pruning it back to fit the pot.

Plants that do well inside include Spider Plants, English Ivy, Boston Fern, and Sting of Hearts

Sophie Geraniums at Chestnut Hill Store

Sophie Geraniums at Chestnut Hill Store

Hanging Planters for Outside

With larger spaces, your planter can be bigger as well. When choosing a pot for a large hanger though, it’s best to choose something not heavy like lightweight metal or plastic as the plant itself can get pretty heaving as it grows in addition to the soil and watering. Ceramic post, though, decorative, are fairly heavy and could cause your planter to come crashing down – which is not very pretty.

Decorative Hanging Baskets

Woven and wire containers are commonly used in outside hangers. A liner will be required but these types of containers have gaps which allow plants to grow out of the sides and even the bottom leading to a rounded, full, and lush effect.

Some sun-loving outdoor plants you can choose from include Lantana, Periwinkle, Verbena, and Moss Rose

Hanging Metal Cage with Flowers

Keeping Hanging Planters Thriving

To keep both indoor and outdoor hanging planters thriving, the proper amounts of water and fertilizer are required. Besides keeping up with what’s recommended on the information card for each individual plant, it’s important to remember that hanging plants, in general, require more water than those in the ground. Due to conditions such as dry indoor air or windy, sunny days outdoors, you may need to water your hanging plants twice a day. Just monitor the dryness of each one and if their soil is dry to the touch, a little water is needed.

3 Hanging Planters

DIY Hanging Planters

There are plenty of helpful websites that give you step-by-step instructions on how to create your own hanging planter – even macramé ones! – so you have a lot of freedom in picking out something that compliments your décor or your own personal sense of style.