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Types of Flowers & Decor for Common Baby Shower Themes

If you’ve never hosted a baby shower before, your friends at Robertson’s Flowers are here to help as we tell you the essentials needed and additional items and decor that will make any theme you choose look fantastic. It’s all quite easy, really, as there are only a few items every baby shower should have: a comfortable space with plenty of seating, such as someone’s living room or an area you’re going to rent, a selection of fresh, beautiful flowers that are symbolic of a new life entering the world, and some light refreshments. Not much else is needed to make guests feel comfortable and welcome in celebrating the mom-to-be and her soon-to-arrive new bundle of joy. Keep reading for popular ideas, decor tips, and florals to make your baby shower a hit!

Tips & Decor to Make Your Baby Shower Stand Out

Boho Baby Showers

A popular theme often seen at weddings works equally well for baby showers. The Boho theme is all about being a free spirit, loving nature, and going with the flow. Easily achieve this effect with natural elements, such as flowers and plants, vintage items like family linens for the table cloth and napkins, comfortable throw pillows, and wood and stone items. To get the boho vibe across, include plenty of natural greeny and loose, airy flower arrangements. Specific blooms such as peonies, daisies, dahlias, eucalyptus, and wheatgrass in shades of burnt orange and burgundy are excellent choices to elevate the baby shower into a magical-boho landscape.

Rustic Baby Showers

Rustic themes are also on-trend and can easily be achieved with farmhouse-style decor such as mason jars, burlap, wooden elements, tin watering cans or pitchers, and string lights. Bring this theme to life with centerpieces that include sunflowers, baby’s breath,  Craspedia, ranunculus, alstroemeria, daisies, and daffodils along with plenty of lush greenery. Be sure to also use repurposed or recycled items instead of one-use items to capture the essence of the rustic theme. Put out old ceramic plates and real silverware instead of paper plates and plastic utensils. For a nice party favor in keeping with the theme, place small containers of succulents near everyone’s place setting.

Baby Showers for a Boy

Blue is for “boy,” and picking up a variety of blue decorations is a sure-fire way to get the point across that the baby shower is for celebrating a soon-to-be baby boy. Along with all the blue, you will want additional colors such as white, orange, yellow, or green. Achieve this effect via the fresh blooms you’ll have by selecting orange tulips, yellow mums, and green hydrangea. Or, an arrangement of blue and white roses or blue and white hydrangea will provide an elegant, classy look. For the treats, have blue and white icing on the cake, blue cupcakes, blueberry pie, or blueberry muffins.

Baby Showers for a Girl

Pink and white decor makes it obvious the baby being celebrated is a girl. Pale pinks with cream and white accents are lovely. You can also expand the color palette to include lavender, dark pink, and dark purple for more variety. For a princess look, choose purple, pink, and white flowers such as roses, tulips, daisies, and hyacinth. If that color scheme is a bit too loud and you’d like something more subtle, soft, and sophisticated, choose pale pinks and warm cream colors like you’ll find in peonies, ranunculus, roses, baby’s breath, and freesia. Add a few hints of gold decor here and there, and you’ve got a winning baby shower perfect for a precious baby girl.

Gender Neutral Baby Showers

Though you may want to avoid pink and blue for gender-neutral baby showers, your color options are still plentiful. You can choose to go bold and bright with dark orange, yellow, red, and green, or go with a softer color palette of neutrals like pale peach, cream, soft yellow, light green, and gray. For the former color scheme, select an arrangement of tulips in bright yellow, orange, and red, or richly colored roses and gerbera daisies will also work. For the softer color scheme, choose cream-colored peonies, pale peach ranunculus, green bells of Ireland, or yellow daffodils. Either color scheme will be one that even the dad-to-be will love.

Once you’ve decided on the theme or color palette you want for your baby shower, matching it with flowers will be easy. There will always be striking blooms of any color, shape, or size that will elevate your baby shower and make it extra special. When you need flowers for any of life’s special occasions, Robertson’s Flowers is here to ensure you always receive the highest-quality and most beautiful blooms with excellent customer service.