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Five Times to Enjoy a Holly & Jolly Floral Design Workshop This Season

As the holiday season approaches, the air fills with a blend of anticipation and the sweet scent of joy and cheer. We drape our homes in twinkling lights, host festive get-togethers, and roll out the welcome mat for the giving spirit. Between the turkey carvings and the jingle bells, don’t forget to add a dash of floral finesse into the mix. Floral design is a versatile art form that can pump up the volume of any holiday gathering or festive home ambiance. This year, Robertson’s Flowers, the best florist in Philadelphia, PA, invites you to think outside the box when planning fun holiday activities or hunting for the perfect holiday gifts. We’re unwrapping the top 5 occasions—from post-Thanksgiving wind-downs to a new spin on Kwanza celebrations—that call a floral design class. Whether it’s family, friends, or coworkers, discover how booking a flower-filled workshop can transform your holidays into merry, memory-filled masterpieces.

After the Thanksgiving Feast

After the Thanksgiving dinner plates are cleared away, and the apple pie has been enjoyed, it’s time to unleash the holiday spirit. With friends and family still in town, coordinate a weekend workshop to design your own holiday bouquets. Hosted by your local florist, these classes are the perfect antidote to the Black Friday madness or a fun way to honor Small Business Saturday. From quality time spent with family to transforming beautiful blooms into a work of art that you can proudly display or gift, this shared experience adds a colorful ending to your long holiday weekend.

Before the Family Comes Over for Christmas Dinner

Before the laughter, love, and, let’s face it, the occasional chaos of family arrive for Christmas dinner, steal a moment for yourself. A floral design class offers the chance to sort your centerpiece or design a delightful gift for your hosts while giving you a peaceful pause to relax and unwind. Whether you invite your best friend or sibling to join or you revel in the tranquility solo, it’s the ideal breather before the holiday excitement hits full throttle.

When You’re Ready for a New Kwanzaa Tradition

Celebrate Kwanzaa in a fresh and vibrant way by crafting floral displays with the whole family. It’s a heartwarming experience that’s great as a gift for both kids and adults, serving as a fun and festive yet educational activity. Strengthening bonds and honoring the Kwanzaa principles of unity, purpose, and creativity is what this holiday is all about. So, start a new tradition this year with an annual floral design workshop! Gather around the table and let the flowers inspire a sense of community and shared values that will resonate long after the Kwanzaa season.

When Your Friends Want to Celebrate Together

If you’re tired of the same-old holiday party routine, it’s safe to assume your guests feel the same way. Switch things up this year with a flower workshop to design wreaths, terrariums, succulent gardens, or traditional holiday centerpieces and bouquets. Whether you’re tasked with organizing the company party, or you’re on a mission to celebrate the season with friends, this workshop takes your gathering to a new level. Trust us, everyone will leave with more than just memories; they’ll have their own beautiful creations to show off and display.

When You’re Out of Gift Ideas for Mom

If you’re struggling with gift ideas for mom, give the gift of quality time and creativity with a floral design class. Perfect for that lull between Christmas and New Year’s, this hands-on experience lets her unleash her inner artist and unwind from pulling off yet another flawless holiday celebration. Enhance the vibe by sending her off with her favorite drink, be it a bubbly champagne or a lovely mocktail. You can even coordinate for friends and family to join in on the fun! It’s a holiday gift that keeps on giving—both the memories and the fabulous arrangements.

Contact Robertson’s Flowers to spread holiday cheer like never before! Coordinate a festive floral workshop that goes beyond traditional gifts and makes this holiday season one for the books.

5 occasions for a floral design class