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How To Make Every Room Bloom

There are countless ways to style your home with flowers, and it’s a blast to play floral matchmaker, finding just the perfect spot for your fresh new beauties. The talented team at Robertson’s Flowers strives to make every design feel singular, special and easy to incorporate into your home. That said, there are a few considerations when you’re looking to find a home for a floral piece in yours.

We know why desktop gardens belong on desks, and why you shouldn’t place a highly-fragrant floral element in a dining area. But floral styles truly run the gamut, presenting you with a range of options as to how to showcase them to best advantage in your home. Try a humidity-loving orchid next to the tub, sunflowers on the kitchen table or an impressive gathering of gladiolus in the foyer for an eye-catching welcome. And if you find yourself with a dreamy design like Enchanted Blooms on your hands, consider giving it a starring role on the mantel, a couch console or a statement accent table. This arresting piece with its unique color combo will add a pop of energy into any room. Somewhere between formal and fresh-picked, we love how this one is full of texture and movement. luxury arrangement of orchids, hydrangea and gloriosa lilies

When you come home with new flowers (or they arrive at the door), take a minute to ask some crucial questions about the overall design before placing them somewhere. What is the scale of the piece? Is it formal, informal or somewhere in between? Is it very fragrant? Is the color scheme more kitchen-friendly or dynamic enough to need a little space? Flowers lend a great deal of personality to a room. Let your sense of which room needs them most guide you in choosing where they finally rest.