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Posted by robertsonsflowers on May 12, 2017 | Last Updated: May 13, 2017 Uncategorized

Pretty Peonies for Spring

There are many spring flowers, but few are as beloved and coveted as the beautiful peony. This week, we shine a spotlight on this lavish, luxurious and gorgeous late spring bloom. Whether to give as a gift or to fill your own home with seasonal grace and beauty, pretty peonies are a perfect choice.

Official Ambassador: The peony is native to Asia, Southern Europe, and Western North America; but it is the national flower of only one country – China. pretty peonies

Due to their lush and extravagant blooms, peonies are a favorite of floral designers. Although there are many different varieties, the most common in this regard are those known as double peonies.

Double peonies exhibit abundant petals which grow up and over the crown of the flower, creating a “bowl” or “globe” effect, often completely obscuring the center of the bloom. Depending on its type, a peony flower head can be as wide as 10 inches across, a truly impressive span for a cut flower.

An equally impressive statistic regarding these pretty peonies is that a single peony bush can live for up to 100 years, flowering throughout its life. pretty peonies

Peonies are beautiful as standalone floral designs but also are often arranged with roses, hydrangea, and exotic orchids.  Because they grow in shades of nearly every color of the spectrum (only blue is not an option), peonies can be designed within a wide variety of palettes; such as the vivid oranges and pinks as shown above, or the warmer earth tones exhibited below. Whatever your spring style, we have the perfect peonies. pink peoniesFor a special occasion or “just because” – during any season – you can rely on the expert floral designers at Robertson’s Flowers to deliver the most exquisite designs.

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