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Posted by robertsonsflowers on July 2, 2018 | Last Updated: September 8, 2020 Uncategorized

Your Table’s Summer Plans

Going on vacay this summer? Robertson’s Flowers sure hopes so, whether it’s that milestone trip abroad or a tour of the States. If you aren’t planning anything more than a staycation, no worries, you can fake an atmosphere of worldly well-traveledness with flowers.

Don’t believe us? Flowers have the capacity to conjure up memories, to reflect the spirit and landscape of other cultures, to transport us to distant places or distant moments. It’s because they make such a strong appeal to the senses (with the exception of sound), connecting us to a moment or a destination in a way that many things can’t.

Take Sand Dune for instance. This isn’t the typical tropical piece that relies on exotic, striking florals to capture that beachy feeling. Instead, it goes in the other direction, using soft, sand-inspired hues and textures to give the feel of undulating dunes, an endless horizon, a dreamy view. Roses, orchid and stock overlay each other in abundance, giving off an easy, relaxed elegance. It’s as if you went to Palm Springs or Amelia Island, Florida for a respite and brought this memento back with you.


Give your table the patina of romance and mystery that only travel can bring. Select a floral piece that speaks to other places and experiences to inject a spirit of adventure and nostalgia into your home.