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Tropical Container Gardens

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So many of us dream of island getaways with pristine beaches and blue waters. When people think of paradise, they often think of these locations – lush green rain forests, towering waterfalls and vibrant flowers everywhere you look. This is the stuff of dream vacations – there is nothing quite like the tropics. But even if you won’t’ have the opportunity to visit a tropical island this summer, there is no reason why you cannot surround yourself with flowers that will bring the aura of paradise to you – with a little help from Robertson’s Flowers & Events.

We know that the Philadelphia area is not optimal for planting tropical plants and flowers in our yards. However, you can easily create a container garden on your porch or deck this summer. Start with the reigning king of the exotic flower world, the orchid. Orchids are found in tropical locations around the globe, in thousands of species and varieties. These delicate blooms are used to create leis in Hawaii and are coveted around the world – and they also make beautiful potted plants to place around a porch or patio to bring that tropical flair.

Another tropical plant which will help you to create your oases is the bromeliad. These spiky, sunny plants come in vibrant colors and are a long-lasting way to enjoy exotic plants right in your home. Consider getting several in different sizes and colors, and arrange on a wood pallet or staggered shelving for an elegant display.

There are many other plants that can help you to simulate paradise right in your home. From bird of paradise to red ginger, these dramatic blooms are spectacular and create sunning, eye-catching arrangements. Stop into Robertson’s Flowers & Events to discuss more ways to bring your island vacation home.