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A Guide to Encouraging Regular Flower Gifts from Your Partner “Just Because”

There is always a reason for sending your partner a sweet romantic gesture to remind them of how much you appreciate and adore them. No matter what day it is, receiving a big bouquet of symbolic flowers “just because” with a card message written from the heart will always make our hearts flutter. However, sending fresh blooms to your significant other out of the blue isn’t usually a common thought. If you’re feeling like your partner could use a little nudge or a sweet reminder of how much receiving a bouquet means to you, the team here at Robertson’s Flowers, the best florist in Philadelphia, is at your service. Read our guide below to learn when and how to drop hints to your partner and let them know that you, too, deserve flowers “just because.”

When to Hint to Your Partner That You Want Flowers

  1. Your birthday is almost here
  2. You made it halfway through another year
  3. You brought home a new fur baby
  4. It’s time for Friday florals
  5. You’ve been putting in countless hours studying for the LSATS
  6. Your boss has been impressed with your performance and offered you a promotion
  7. Despite being a suitable candidate, the promotion at work didn’t come your way
  8. It’s almost National Girlfriend Day
  9. You want to keep the Valentine’s Day romance alive all year
  10. They’re leaving on a business trip, and you’ll be home with the kids
  11. You just came back from a long getaway without your partner
  12. You moved into your first house together
  13. Spring cleaning is finally a task of the past, and it’s time to bring in the blooms
  14. It’s time they apologize for yesterday’s disagreement
  15. You’re trying new cooking methods, and everything is coming out delicious
  16. It’s the season finale of The Bachelor, and you want a final rose, too
  17. You’re celebrating the day you said “Yes!”
  18. You’ve been ready for Friday since Monday afternoon
  19. You received your first byline in a magazine
  20. Your medical exam revealed a clean bill of health

How to Drop Hints

  1. Make sure you comment on the beauty and thoughtfulness of receiving flowers
  2. Educate them on your favorite community florist
  3. Identify your favorite blooms by saying, “If you ever want to surprise me with flowers, these colorful ones have always made me smile.”
  4. Be honest and tell them that you would love to see a fresh floral arrangement on the dining table one day soon.
  5. Gaze lovingly into their eyes as you set clear expectations. Let them know, “Receiving gifts is a big part of how I feel loved. The sight of fresh flowers every few weeks would mean so much. To help, I’ve added reminders in your calendar and included a selection of the best seasonal flowers.”

When to Buy Yourself Flowers

  1. Your partner still hasn’t gotten the hint
  2. You’re single and deserve to have fresh flowers
  3. You are officially divorced
  4. You’re taking a page out of Cher Horowitz’s playbook
  5. You set aside the evening to enjoy some wine and “me time”
  6. You’re experiencing a great hair day
  7. You splurged on a pedicure after your usual manicure
  8. You have a $0 balance on your credit cards
  9. It’s payday Friday
  10. Nothing says “self-care Sunday” like fresh flowers
  11. You’ve been listening to “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus on repeat
  12. You deep-cleaned your entire house
  13. You enhanced the look of your home with stylish upgrades
  14. You miss your adult children
  15. You’re having a pretty tough afternoon
  16. The day has been fantastic
  17. You, unfortunately, didn’t score Taylor Swift tickets
  18. Although it was rough, you survived another daylight savings
  19. Your favorite season is almost here
  20. You saw a picture of your favorite flowers

The beauty and sentiment behind floral arrangements shouldn’t be reserved only for big, romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day. No matter what kind of day you’re having or what kind of occasion you’re celebrating – even if it’s simply “just because,” your local florist, Robertson’s Flowers, will always have the perfect flowers.