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Wish You Knew What Kind of Flower That Is? Get This App!

You’ve just received a beautiful arrangement of flowers and now want to know the name of each and every flower you see. Instead of running to the computer and searching, just pull out your smartphone and take a picture! Within minutes you’ll receive not only an identification of what you just photographed but also detailed information about it with a plant identifier app. There a number of identification apps available, so here at Philadelphia’s best florist, Robertson’s Flowers, we’ve collected to the top-rated and most useful plant identifier apps so you easily download the one that’s best for you.

a unique collection of seasonal blooms including our "coral reef" roses, orange snap dragon, peach lisianthus, and our ever-popular coral peonies. Designed in a clear glass vase and accented with textural greens

Boost Your Botanical Knowledge with These Flower & Plant Identifier Apps



With a database of over 625,000 species, PlantSnap is a popular and easy-t0-use app that identifies flowers, plants, trees, mushrooms, and succulents within seconds. There are also tutorials which show you the best way to maximize the use of this app. PlantSnap has over 150 million images and is available in 30 languages. It’s free to use with a number of frequent ads, or there is a premium version with fewer ads.



PlantNet is a popular free app that identifies plants, flowers, bushes, grasses, vines, and trees from a photo you upload. This app is also considered a science project because all of the plant photos submitted are collected and examined by scientists to better understand plant biodiversity and reservation.



PictureThis uses advanced AI to identify plants and flowers. Claiming a 99% accuracy rate and over 27 million plants identified, this app also offers plant care tips, disease analyses, and pest control tips. PictureThis is well-reviewed and easy to use. It’s a subscription-based app but there is a 7-day free trial available so you can check it out before committing fully.


What’s That Flower?

Instead of uploading a photo, What’s That Flower uses a series of questions about the flower you’re interested in to come up with possible matches. It’s perfect for when you can’t take a picture of a flower you want to know about. Plus, each flower has beautiful imagery with detailed information about it. What’s That Flower has over 600 varieties of flowers and is free to use with an ad-free premium version available as well.

More Awesome Identifier Apps to Check Out

  • Plantix – Helps users identify a large variety of plants and plant diseases and problems.
  • FloweChecker – Rather than AI, this app uses real live expert botanists to identify your photo of a plant or flower.
  • LeafSnap – Identify a large variety of trees by sending in photos of their just their leaves.
  • iNaturalists – Identifies the natural world us including animals, insects, butterflies too in addition to plants, trees, flowers, and shrubs.

Plus, for all the wildflower lovers out there, just do a search for wildflowers on your phone or check out this list of free wildflower ID apps for nearly every region of North America. Happy snapping!