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Anniversary Flowers That Will Make You Renew Your Vows

Why is June the most popular month of the year to get married? We here at Robertson’s Flowers & Events will tell you why: because it’s beautiful.

The weather is more temperate—so blue skies and sunny days. People are up for adventure, taking their vacation days (and advantage of school being out) to explore new places and visit loved ones. And as for flowers? So many are at their peak, making it a veritable garden of floral choices for brides and grooms. We love designing for our June weddings, reveling in the textures, colors and fragrances of so many signature blooms. Where there are weddings, there are anniversaries, and the season’s glorious offerings make the perfect floral gift there too.

If you aren’t in the habit of giving your sweetie something truly special for your June anniversary, it’s time to get into it. An anniversary bouquet is not the same as a Valentine’s one, or a first-date one. It should be a substantial piece, layered and gorgeous and full of interest. It should speak to the many dimensions (and years) of your marriage, pay tribute to your abiding commitment and be beautiful enough to stir feelings of love and passion in the recipient. No simple tribute will do, which is why we humbly submit Summer Glory for your consideration.

summery design of orchids, gloriosa lilies and roses

The orchids, roses and lilies gathered here present in an array of rich peach, purple and pink hues, offering a lot of depth and not a small amount of drama. This meaningful, unforgettable design has enough presence for an anniversary, whether it’s your fourth or your 40th. Start setting the bar for your anniversary flowers now.