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Bee Friendly Plants & Butterfly Gardens

Nature is definitely amazing. Not only are flowers – in all their variety – absolutely gorgeous, but they are part of a delicate ecosystem. Butterflies and bees rely on the flowers for their survival, and we rely on the insects for pollination of all plants and flowers. Given the interdependence between people, flowers and insects, bee and butterfly gardens are an awesome way to celebrate the beauty of nature. And although some butterfly gardens are extravagant, you really only need a few flowers and plants to attract the industrious insects – whether in pots or window boxes! Robertson’s Flowers is proud to provide the bright and beautiful flowers that will beckon and welcome them into your yard.

Wait, we want bees? You may be surprised to hear us speaking about attracting honeybees to your backyard. But the bee population worldwide is in rapid and dramatic decline, and these little guys need our help. They need healthy and safe places to gather nectar and pollen, so that they can continue to do what they do best. Remember, bees are a critical component to our food supply globally! And don’t worry, scientists say that a honeybee foraging for food will pay you no attention – simply give them their space so they don’t feel threatened, and you won’t have to worry about being stung.

butterfly gardens

Bee and butterfly gardens usually are successful when they provide native blooms most attractive to the local butterfly species – but overall, there are a few varieties of plants and flowers that are fairly universal. Sunflowers, asters, daisies, violets, zinnias, and marigolds are common ornamental flowers, and if you provide some clover, thistle, milkweed or even dandelions, you are bound to draw the attention of the butterflies. Add lavender, salvia, and black-eyed susans to welcome the honeybee.

Local Inspiration: Philadelphia is home to  some of the most beautiful butterfly gardens. Click here for a list of places to visit to be inspired!  You’ll also learn other tricks to making the butterflies feel welcome – from how to provide with a “mud-puddle”, to arranging warm rocks in the sun to give the ma place to alight and enjoy the day.

Relaxing in the backyard is one of the joys of summer. Make this special time even more beautiful by inviting some very important guests, by cultivating bee and butterfly gardens just for them. Robertson’s Flowers is here to help you have an amazing and colorful summer – come in and visit us!