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Posted by robertsonsflowers on September 16, 2018 | Last Updated: October 12, 2020 Uncategorized

Everything’s Coming Up Roses This Fall (Even The Food!)

Let your creativity shine this fall, and plan a dinner party that offers your guests a little something different. Robertson’s Flowers & Events loves roses (is there anyone who doesn’t?), which is why we’re loving the idea of using them not only as decor in our entertaining but as the food, too. Edible flowers are enormously popular right now with chefs, foodies and home cooks alike, and there’s so many ways to use them. Roses (organically grown, of course) are at the top of the ingredient list.

Roses taste like strawberries and green apples–a little sweet, a little tart. The darker the rose, the more flavorful. Typically they’re used in desserts, as a garnish on salads, or even in beautiful-looking ice cubes. You can set them afloat at the top of a punch or use them as a key part of a cocktail. We’ve seen them in syrups, jams, spreads and teas. However you serve them up on the table, make sure you set the tone with a floral design that makes use of them. We love our Perfectly Peach, which is definitely pretty enough to eat.

Make the most of your fall entertaining by introducing a twist on the usual menu, utilizing flowers to bring some excitement to your table and to your plates.