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Celebrate All Your Relationships on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's When it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day, everyone has their own unique style. Some may simply say “I love you” with a greeting card and a kiss; while the hopeless romantics are found extravagantly purchasing flowers, candy, teddy bears, jewelry and expensive dinners. And while you may consider this holiday to be strictly for romance and passion, a great many people anticipate February 14th as a day to celebrate all of the special relationships they have in their life.  At Robertson’s Flowers, we have spent years helping Philadelphia residents find exactly the right gifts to convey their affection to everyone they love.

Only For Sweethearts? Although the holiday does lean heavily towards romance, 60% of those looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for their significant other are also planning to give gifts to their family members and friends. 

Valentine's Day Flower Bouquet

There are many people in your life who would be thrilled to receive Valentine’s Day floral designs.  Your mother has always been there for you, and she is still the love of your life. Your grandmother was your closest confidante and always made you feel special. Your sister is your best friend who has traveled step by step through the journey of life with you. A stunning arrangement of roses, tulips, and hydrangea conveys that you wouldn’t want to do life without any of these precious relationships.

Which Flowers to Choose? Although red is the classic color of Valentine’s Day, it is also tied to romance. All shades of pink, white, cream and green are a popular choice. Select orchids or lilies for an elegant gift, daisies or calla lilies for a bright and cheerful bouquet, or classic roses in pastels for anyone who holds your heart.


Don’t forget the people in your life who may not be related, but mean the world to you! Friends, neighbors and even co-workers are frequent recipients of beautiful gifts on Valentine’s Day; and whether you choose fragrant flowers or the gift of a fragrant spa treatment, they are sure to understand how much you love them.

Insider Tip: You can order our amazing spa baskets as-is, or give us a call to customize!


Each and every Valentine’s gift represents a relationship that is unique, important and special. At Robertson’s Flowers, we don’t take the privilege of helping you to celebrate these relationships lightly. This Valentine’s Day, you can be assured that your flowers and gifts will arrive wrapped up in all the love that you feel.