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Celebrating the Birthplace of Independence Day

There would be no Independence Day without Philadephia. In fact, our city is so integrated into the history of this important day, that celebrating it here is truly a special and meaningful occasion. If you are headed to a Fourth of July party, picnic or special event, don’t forget the flowers. A stylish and sophisticated floral arrangement from Robertsons Flowers is the perfect way to add a touch of patriotic pride and American spirit to any gathering.

Did You Know? Philadelphia was the temporary capital of the United States between 1790 and 1800, as Washington D.C. was under construction.

ABOVE:  The color RED in our flag represents passion and sacrifice.

Here is some interesting trivia regarding Philadelphia and the history of our nation.

* On June 11, 1776, the Colonies’ Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia and formed a committee whose goal was to create a document that would formally sever ties with Great Britain. The committee included Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Roger Sherman and Robert R. Livingston.

* Jefferson, considered the most talented writer, drafted the original document. After 86 changes, the Congress officially adopted the final version on July 4, 1776.

ABOVE: The color WHITE signifies purity of purpose and hope.

* On July 8, 1776, the first public recitations of the new declaration were held in Philadelphia’s Independence Square, accompanied by the ringing of bells and band music. On July 4, 1777, Philadelphia marked Independence Day by adjourning Congress and celebrating with bonfires, bells, and fireworks.

* Although no account exists of the Liberty Bell being one of the bells rung in these early celebrations, folklore does indicate that the bell, cast in 1752, was indeed part of the celebration.

BELOW: The color BLUE in our flag represents true loyalty and brotherhood. 

If you have need of a patriotic floral design for your Independence Day celebrations, call or drop by Robertson’s Flowers and we will be happy to create a custom arrangement worthy of Philadephia’s amazing legacy!