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Celebrating May Birthdays with Green Flowers

may birthdaysThe emerald is the birthstone of May; not surprising given its iconic deep green color. The gemstone has always been closely associated with spring, as it signifies rebirth, vitality and youth; making it the perfect choice to represent May birthdays.

To honor the birthstone that exhibits one of our very favorite hues, here are some lesser known facts about this amazing jewel.

may birthdays may birthdays
  • The emerald is considered one of the four recognized precious stones, along with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.
  • A perfect emerald is more expensive than a diamond of equal quality, as it is exceptionally rare to find an emerald in such condition.
  • Most emeralds have imperfections, also called inclusions. To make these seem less “imperfect”, many dealers refer to them as internal “jardins” – French for garden.
  • The inclusions make emeralds prone to chipping and cracking; because of the inclusions, emeralds are more difficult to set as jewelry than other gemstones.
  • An emerald is made of beryl, with the deeper green color being the result of chromium and vanadium in the makeup.
  • The first known emeralds were mined in 1500 BC and were known to be favored by Cleopatra.
  • Emeralds were first found in North America in 1997, in the Yukon Territory. They have since been found in much smaller quantities in five U.S. States – Connecticut, Montana, Nevada and both Carolinas.
may birthdays may birthdays

Giving an emerald to your May birthday honorees may not be in your budget, but Robertson’s Flowers & Events has a creative way to recognize both the celebrant and their birthstone. We have a variety of beautiful green florals that create emerald-inspired arrangements sure to make an impression! From exotic cymbidium orchids to green hyacinth, green flowers are rare and striking; we suggest adding succulents for a unique twist on the ordinary. Choose from one of our pre-designed arrangements, or design a bouquet of your own – either way, the experts at Robertson’s look forward to painting Philadelphia green this month!