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Robertson's Flowers

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Creating Meaningful Traditions Through Flowers

Robertson’s Flowers & Events¬†is all for having a robust sense of tradition; after all, we work in flowers, one of the oldest and more powerful ways to commemorate an occasion. Flowers have been involved in social rituals across cultures since ancient times, and while we certainly come up with new and exciting ways to give them every year, we are also tied to the customs that have been passed down to us. With Grandparents Day just around the corner, it seems the perfect time to embrace and honor our sense of tradition when it comes to flowers.

Designers Choice Soft Pastel is an example of what our designers can do when you ask them to create a meaningful bouquet. And by meaningful, we mean imbued with the exact emotions you want to convey as you participate in a floral ritual like offering flowers at the arrival of a baby or bringing them as a hostess gift. Flower type, color and arrangement is everything, as well as the overall feeling evoked by your gift. We reserve soft pinks and whites for new babies, elegant whites for sympathy gifts, bright and bold sunflowers for a housewarming present (or perhaps a lucky jade plant). What our veteran designers create will be guided by the reason for giving, but it will be as lush and nuanced as Soft Pastel is here. We love designing for traditional occasions, as well as the unique ones you dream up.

low and lush arrangement of soft pastel flowers