Robertson's Flowers

Robertson's Flowers

Posted by Jennifer Lima on March 16, 2018 | Last Updated: March 23, 2018 Uncategorized

Enchanted Woodland Wedding ~ 2018 Philadelphia Flower Show

This year’s Flower Show theme was the “Wonders of Water” and Robertson’s took direct inspiration from the temperate forests of North America to create a woodland wedding complete with a ceremony and reception space. Robertson’s is proud to announce that all the hard work, time, energy and creativity of our amazing team enabled the Robertson’s win “Best in Show” for the third year in a row.

“The ever-present rain and mist found in the temperate rainforests of the Pacific Northwest and Southeast Alaska provide a magical setting for a wedding in the woods. A diverse collection of plants, mosses and trees provide a lush landscape in soothing shades of green upon which to stage a fairy tale wedding deep in the woods. Fallen logs and tree stumps provide unique seating or pedestals for floral décor. The serene beauty of a temperate rain forest provides a backdrop that very few wedding venues can match.”

The ceremony space was distinguished by a rustic arch, an aisle of wood slices lined with birch-wrapped floral arrangements, log benches, and two abundant gatherings of floral arrangements atop wooden pedestals.White Roses, hydrangea, succulents and orchids offered unique shapes and textures to the floral designs while the ferns, eucalyptus, air plants and other mixed greens captured the spirit of the forest.

The reception space was centered around a custom-built teak wood table with glass top set with a running centerpiece, tapered sage candles and hanging installation of manzanita branches, globe terrariums and moss.  Wooden risers, fern-painted plates and birch napkins were set for guests. Even a wedding cake was created using layered slices of wood, moss, succulents and mushrooms.

Alongside the reception space was a continuous, gentle rainfall creating ripples and reflections in a pond. The scene was backed by a tall wall of ferns. The opposite side of the wall was decorated with a patchwork of natural materials creating various colors and patterns. High top tables decorated with geometric terrariums and candles ran the length of the wall. Illuminated Akebia vine balls hung above each table.