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Decorating College Dorms with Style

As students head off to college for another year of classes, nearly 2 million of them will enter college dormitories for the very first time. This transition can be a stressful time for both parents and children, and parents understandably want to do whatever they can to ensure that their young adult is set up for success. But aside from pep talks and crossed fingers, is there anything more practical that can be done that may help ensure a successful school year?
Thee have been many interesting studies which indicate that the right surroundings can greatly influence positive outcomes. For instance, when decorating college dorms, experts recommend including several items that have deep personal significance to the student, so as to establish a sense of familiarity. These items will help to create a comfortable environment less susceptible to stress. Green plants are also believed to have a major positive impact on the productivity of students, and in that regard, Robertson’s Flowers is happy to help. decorating college dorms

Having plants growing indoors is definitely good for your health. Humans and plants rely on each other  in a symbiotic relationship – we breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, while plants absorb that carbon dioxide and, in turn, release more oxygen into our atmosphere.

Why We Love Succulents: Although this exchange process normally ceases overnight, succulents continue to release oxygen throughout the night. Therefore, adding succulents to your dorm rooms will assist in keeping your air fresh and free from common toxins. Another wonderful benefit of choosing succulents? They are exceptionally low maintenance and easy to care for, even for a busy college student who may not be overly attentive.

decorating college dorms

Compact cubes, small dish gardens, and terrariums are excellent options for a  small space. We love our Orchid Terrarium, which features a mini phalaenopsis orchid, arranged among other small green plants and natural elements.  Orchids also help to cleanse the air, and their rare beauty causes a serene and calm atmosphere.

Why not add this thoughtful custom sign, crafted after Philadelphia’s famous Love Park sign, to your gift? A frame of aged wood and custom lettering blocks allows you to express yourself however you like. If your student is feeling a little stressed, or perhaps is homesick, this gift will touch their heart and gain a place of honor in their room. decorating dorm roomsIf your student is planning to live away from home, make sure they know that you are behind them and will always be there for them. After all, they may have left their old room behind – but they will never stop being your child.

Robertson’s Flowers is your source in Philadelphia for exquisite floral designs and succulents. Don’t forget to shop our Chestnut Hill store for more back to school and unique gift ideas!