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A Delicious Hostess Gift For the 4th of July

Like many of you, Robertson’s Flowers & Events will be spending Independence Day commemorating our nation’s rich history and celebrating our freedoms by exercising them—gathering with friends and family, attending parades and staying all the way until the firework finale. Most of us will partake in barbecue and football and a long, easy day spent outdoors. Maybe we’ll be at the lake or unwinding by the pool, or meandering down the street to our neighbor’s annual potluck, waving our sparklers and bearing provisions. If we’ll be spending the holiday in someone else’s home, it’s the sweetest of gestures to offer a hostess gift. And on this iconic American holiday, a delectable food gift feels just right.

Behold our Fruit and Gourmet Gift Basket, the kind of offering that can be graciously received and immediately added to the mix, served up to all the guests, or reserved for your hostess for later. There’s nothing more comfort-giving and thoughtful than an abundant selection of goodies stuffed into a basket. In this case, fruits, jams, candies and other assorted snacks are sure to fulfill any craving (or fill in the empty spots on the table!).

Gourmet basket of mixed fruits and gourmet food items

Spend your 4th in the company of friends and family, celebrating our country, the summer and the opportunity to feast and fest together.