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Fill Your Easter Basket With Flowers

Don’t get us wrong—we know how to construct a good Easter basket here at Robertson’s Flowers, down to the perfect shade of green grass on which a classic chocolate bunny rests. But we’re also invested in styling our baskets with flowers, of course, and to that end, we’ve got petals as pretty as a dozen dyed eggs and other goodies that will delight the eye and the senses far more than a pack of Peeps.

In ancient times, the spring basket was used to carry seedlings to church to be blessed, a hopeful gesture that turned the planting season into an act of faith and reverence. Later still, what we consider the traditional Easter meal today was also transported in baskets to be blessed. Now, baskets are still important symbols of hope and abundance. When we give someone a basket full of food, flowers or chocolate, we’re handing over a container of comfort. We like to think of our Pastels Trio Centerpiece as capturing the same spirit.

This was designed with the Easter table in mind, but you could easily offer these as seasonal gifts, or allow them to be taken home by your loved ones after the big dinner. We’ve filled these woodsy-looking miniature baskets with tulips, ranunculus, and hydrangea, a pop of succulent and a touch of ivy. Bright, cheerful, and emblematic of the garden, our little baskets look lovely on the Easter table, offering an earthy, natural appeal that is a good balance of polished and wild. On the other hand, who doesn’t love a specialty gourmet basket featuring flowers or a mini kalanchoe plant? We’ve put as much thought and care into styling our more traditional Easter goodie baskets as we have our flowery trio, and they come packed with delightful sweets and snacks.



We think baskets are delightful this time of year. The more the merrier, in fact.