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Find the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Him with a Floral Touch

Valentine’s Day flowers are traditionally seen as a token of love, yet they’re rarely considered for men. However, given that only 12% of men ever receive flowers, gifting them can truly make your gift memorable and brighten his day. According to the Society of American Florists, a significant 60% of men actually love receiving fresh flowers for holidays and special events. Studies also suggest that men feel more open and connected with their partners when they receive fresh blooms. With a large selection of seasonal and symbolic blooms available, the experts at Robertson’s Flowers, the best florist in Philadelphia, are here to steer you in the right direction. Take a look at the top five flowers to send to your man, conveying your genuine love and affection this Valentine’s Day.

Gerbera Daisies

Men tend to favor bright, bold colors in their floral designs, and gerbera daisies are just the bloom to bring the fire. With their rich, bold colors, they are an excellent way to inject vibrancy into your Valentine’s Day gift. These blooms are undoubtedly eye-catching and symbolize the joy and color they bring into your life. Choose from their diverse color palette to perfectly match his favorite shade or to capture the essence of your relationship, making it a gift that truly resonates.


Anthuriums are the emblems of enduring love with their heart-shaped, waxy flowers, making them an exquisite Valentine’s Day choice. Blooming in sweet pinks, passionate reds, and graceful whites, anthuriums captivate the heart with their exotic beauty. Their long-lasting nature is also symbolic of your everlasting love.

Birds of Paradise

With their unparalleled tropical allure, birds of paradise stand tall in any Valentine’s Day bouquet, appealing to the man with an appetite for the extraordinary. Their multicolored petals are a testament to a love that’s full of energy and vibrancy. Gifting birds of paradise to your man suggests a readiness for life’s grand adventures and a celebration of the unexpected twists in your journey together.

Red Roses

Red roses on Valentine’s Day are a classic romantic gesture. They’re also a deeply meaningful way to express your love and admiration for the number one guy in your life. To add a personal touch to this already poignant gift, consider selecting a specific number of roses that corresponds to significant milestones or the number of years you’ve spent together. You can also turn to various shades to truly represent your relationship, such as yellow for joy and friendship, orange for fascination, coral for desire, or pink for grace and gentle affection.


For the suave gentleman in your life, orchids are a stunning choice for Valentine’s Day. Their sophisticated structure and variety of hues express a deep and nuanced love. Select from passionate reds to convey fervor or endearing green to reflect longevity and good fortune. Orchids also impart a sense of calm, providing a tranquil respite from the day’s flurry of excitement.

For a romantic gesture that truly resonates, consult with the experts at Robertson’s Flowers to pick out the perfect stems for your man this Valentine’s Day.

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