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Posted by robertsonsflowers on April 2, 2018 Uncategorized

A Fresh Addition For Spring

We spend a lot of time at the start of spring thinking about how to pare down in our homes, performing deep cleans and deciding what will stay and what will go. We think about what still serves us in our private spaces (and in our gardens), and what does not, and start whittling down from there. The urge to refresh our homes is strong, but we here at Robertson’s Flowers recommend that you focus instead on what you can add in to bring a sense of renewal and well-being to your space.

To that end, we have a unique piece that functions as a bit of interesting spring decor and as a way to introduce new flowers to your home. Our Mini Orchid Terrarium is one of those intriguing floral designs that sets the tone for the season. You’ll want to feature something like this prominently, so that you can both enjoy the mini phalaenopsis orchid and teensy green plants and give your family, friends and other guests a striking conversation piece.

Mini Orchid Terrarium Planter

Orchids have a rarefied air; they are delicate and exotic, and when brought into the home, cast a sense of peace and serenity. This design’s organic appeal just reads as fresh, as though you just plucked it from a fantastic garden. It’s also a long-term project, requiring just a bit of care. You can watch flowers like these grow and unfold for the long-term, the perfect way to herald this refreshing season.