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Robertson's Flowers

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Heart Your BFF? Send Flowers June 8

A PSA from Robertson’s Flowers & Events: June 8 is Best Friend’s Day, and we don’t want you to forget it. This is the moment to honor the person (or people) who has stood by you through thick and thin, helping to create some of your most unforgettable memories (and jokes). Round up your closest friends and celebrate your singular relationship, whether you go to brunch, dinner or cocktails. Flowers are an easy add to the mix; give a design that captures how substantial, meaningful and beautiful your friendship is.

We think something sweet but gorgeous is in order, and that’s why we want to highlight Pretty in Pink. Seemingly made for this occasion, two of the most major flowers—peonies and roses—are brought together in happy harmony in a leaf-wrapped vase. This is a piece that will rest beautifully on a desk, nightstand or dresser. It’s meant for a space where the special recipient can enjoy it first and foremost, everyone else second. Blooms this fresh, pink and powerful deserve to be given to someone just as special.

Pink Roses & Peonies Arrangement

What bestie wouldn’t want flowers on a day reserved for them? Start a new tradition with yours and make sure giving gorgeous blooms is a part of it.