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Posted by robertsonsflowers on August 13, 2017 | Last Updated: August 20, 2017 Uncategorized

Inspired by the September Sapphire

The inspiration for beautiful floral arrangements comes from many places. And in September, we have a brilliant ambassador which promises to inspire some uniquely spectacular bouquets. The September sapphire is vivid, iconic, and absolutely gorgeous – as are the flowers used to honor it.  The rare shade of blue doesn’t occur naturally in many varieties of flower, so the resulting designs are striking, eye-catching and memorable. Of course, you can always trust the designers at Robertson’s Flowers to create unforgettable floral arrangements for any occasion.

Did You Know? The sapphire actually occurs in many colors, but it is the deep blues that are the most coveted and valuable.

September sapphireThe sapphire was considered by the ancients to have divine origin, and connected to the celestial beauty of the heavens. Sapphires were worn by royalty and the priesthood, and their spiritual benefits were considered too precious to be owned by “ordinary people.”

The sapphire is still widely known as the birthstone of September, but we also know that the stone provides the perfect “divine inspiration” for wedding bouquets as well. With connotations of royalty, majesty and wisdom, they infuse a wedding ceremony with dignified and elite color palettes. Bright blue flowers can include delphinium, hydrangea or larkspur. However, you can also add this gorgeous color through decorative accents and details – which is where the professionals at Robertson’s Flowers can really shine. september sapphires

No matter the nature of your September special event, the sapphire is a beautiful muse. To celebrate birthdays or decorate elegant weddings, the blue color is sure to impress. Ask our team for ideas as to how to incorporate this hue into your arrangements.

Beautiful florals, stunning colors, and gorgeous designs – at Robertson’s Flowers,we specialize in making sure that your important occasions are amazing. In Philadelphia or across the country, you’ll love your flowers – how can we help you?