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Make A Memorial Day Weekend To Remember

If there’s a weekend opener to summer, it’s got to be Memorial Day. This is a singular occasion to celebrate not only those fallen heroes who gave their lives in service to their country, but to honor the country they helped preserve. On Memorial Day, we open up our homes to friends and family. We cook and commune, playing music, football, games, and in the pool. We delight in the privilege we have to spend our time freely, enjoying our homes, the great outdoors, and the abundance of fun that awaits us this summer. Here at Robertson’s Flowers & Events, we’ll have plenty of Memorial Day floral designs to grace your festive table for the weekend or to offer someone in remembrance of a veteran. And we’ve got the perfect party decor, too.

If your Memorial Day gathering is outside (and we hope it is!), bring around a platter of cheeky wine glasses and cups that highlight the fruits of the season. Don’t forget some red-checkered placemats and a table cloth. Use rustic serve ware to give your party a homey, country look.

Introduce some cute decor pieces to add festivity to your Memorial Day scene. These ceramic pieces and baskets of napkins are appropriate for the dining or picnic table, working for the most casual of barbecues or for a full on five-course affair.

Colorful rag place mats, double-colored bowls filled with fruit, a great bottle of wine, and a couple of tin roosters are all you need to create that classic American vibe. We love a table layered with texture and color for this time of year.

What’s better than elegant red roses rising up from a rustic container? Contrast is everything when you’re designing a table that takes its inspiration from Americana. Apple-themed pillar candles and a watermelon serving plate pick up the color of the roses and offer your table a lot of charm.

Bring your family and friends together this Memorial Day to welcome the summer season and to pay tribute to the vets who made such times possible.