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Robertson's Flowers

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Make Yourself Happy With Flowers

When’s the last time you treated yourself to flowers?

We should clarify—we don’t mean the kind pulled from the bin at the supermarket. We mean a rich, robust, fragrant, layered clutch of flowers, brought together in a vase just so by skilled designers. We mean a piece of art that happens (very deliberately, we might add) to be made of flowers. If it’s been awhile (or worse, never!), then allow us at Robertson’s Flowers to elaborate on why it’s so important to give yourself the gift of blooms.

When you give yourself the gift of flowers, you’re acknowledging your value and self-worth. You’re practicing an important act of self-care that, just like permitting yourself a pedicure or a long lunch, goes a long way to preserving your well-being. We may just let Blissful Blooms make the case for us. Just pause and consider how it would feel to pick out these blooms and then to either carry them home or to have them sent to you.

peach garden roses and pink frilled tulips in a gold container

Soft ruffles of garden roses and frilled tulips are gathered in a contrasting modern bowl with a geometric pattern. It’s fresh, uplifting and romantic. And it reads as super contemporary, the look of flowers now. Put these on your personal desk or on the counter in your bathroom or on your dresser and try not to feel suffused with pleasure each time you look at them, knowing you gave this beauty to yourself.