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Posted by robertsonsflowers on March 19, 2018 | Last Updated: September 8, 2020 Uncategorized

Meet Scent Standout, Hyacinth

We love to design for the eyes here at Robertson’s Flowers, don’t get us wrong, but it’s another thing altogether to design for the nose. Our olfactory sense is powerful (just ask the scientists) and one of the most meaningful ways we associate certain feelings with people, places, and events. All flowers have a fragrance, even the ones that appear not to. We might describe that scent as “fresh” and “green,” but it’s there, and when you’ve developed a nose for these things, as we have, you pick up on it right away.

But some flowers are downright perfumed (some flowers give us our perfumes). One of the most aromatic flowers on the planet happens to be an iconic warm-weather bloomer, the hyacinth. It’s more accurate to call the hyacinth a plant, as the eventual stalk of flowers you see shooting up in the garden comes from a planted bulb. When we cut hyacinth and work them into designs, we are constantly aware of the fragrant character they bring to a piece. Our Blissful Hues has a lot going for it—look at those succulents, for one—but the aroma of roses and hyacinth together is just beyond.


And while our Berry Splendor may be a study in berry hues, it’s also an enticement to the nose. Get up close and smell the hyacinth here, clustered tightly with other garden-inspired blooms, and casting its scent over them all.

Create some scent associations this spring and fill your home or workspace with the enveloping perfume of hyacinth.