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Posted by robertsonsflowers on January 21, 2018 | Last Updated: March 5, 2018 Uncategorized

Pantone’s Vibrant Color Of The Year In Flowers

When color powerhouse Pantone announced its pick for Color of the Year 2018, the creative world took notice. Pantone’s choice, Ultra Violet, is an extraordinary color, both majestic and mystical. Since the COY is supposed to capture the cultural zeitgeist and make a projection about the coming year, this blue-based purple is carrying a lot on its shoulders. Here at Robertson’s Flowers, we fully embrace this intriguing color, mostly because we’ve had purple blooming in our shop for a long time.

You’ll be seeing Ultra Violet and its color family everywhere in 2018, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll be looking forward to welcoming this complex color into your home. But before you go painting an accent wall or buying up all of the throw pillows, integrate this dynamic palette through fresh flowers instead. Flowers express purple beautifully, reflecting every nuance, as with our Designer’s Choice.

Here the interplay of the purples and blues with the brighter flowers makes for an arresting display, full of depth and character. Bringing in purple to your decor scheme is about balance, contrast and complementary hues. The look is fresh and modern, a little more introspective and serious than if those warm roses were left alone. And according to Pantone, that’s the spirit of the times. Ultra Violet anticipates a more creative, contemplative and forward-thinking culture, and that’s certainly a mood that can be captured in flowers.

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