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Ruby Red July

july birthdaysWith each month comes a birthstone, and for July birthdays, it is none other than the fiery ruby. The ruby has been symbolic of nobility and royalty for as long as history records; those richest in color were thought to have “royal blood.” The mesmerizing ruby has been thought to compel passion and inspire devotion; it was coveted for its ability to attract prosperity, Many thought the ruby capable of divine protection, and it was also rumored to keep one healthy and beautiful – no wonder it was so sought after!

The ruby is mentioned in several well-known Bible verses, is known as “the king of precious stones” in India, and was carried by warriors in Indonesia to assure victory. The stone is said to ward off nightmares and bring peace; success and prosperity were believed to be guaranteed to the one who wore it. For all the awesome things your July birthday celebrants are, the ruby represents them well. And although you may not be able to give them rubies for their special day, the floral artists at Robertson’s are ready to apply their skill and creativity to creating a “ruby red” bouquet just for them. Whether red roses, gerbera daisies – or a more tropical spin, with a bromeliad or anthurium plant – we have the perfect way to celebrate their ruby day.

july birthdaysHere’s a Tip: If the one celebrating a July birthday is a bit more serene, the birth flower of July is delphinium. And although this delicate blue flower is rarely seen unless it is playing a backup role for other more bold blooms, the delphinium will make a beautiful bouquet for that special birthday girl – so ask the expert designers at Robertson’s about creating a unique arrangement just for them!

july birthdays july birthdays

Make this month one to remember – with a beautiful floral bouquet from Robertson’s Flowers & Events that celebrates July birthdays and other special events in style.