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Sisters Day Honors Your First Best Friend

sisters day

On August 6, we celebrate both National Friendship Day and National Sisters Day. For many people, these two people are one and the same – their sister is their lifelong best friend, or their best friend is closer than a sister. The presence of sisters and good friends in our lives is hugely beneficial and contributes positively to our well being and happiness. So if you want to let her know that she means the world to you, start at Philadelphia’s premier florist, Robertson’s Flowers. sisters day

Customary Blossoms: The traditional flower of friendship is the yellow rose, although all yellow flowers can signify this special relationship. Send a bouquet of these gorgeous flowers to express your appreciation for your best friend’s loyalty and support, or include them in a mixed arrangement of her favorite flowers.

Experts tell us that people who grow up with close sister ties are generally happier, more optimistic about life, and even tend to be more generous with others. It appears that having to share a room, clothes, toys, and friends growing up makes us kinder and gentler! Our sisters and best friends teach us so much throughout our lives – we learn how to interact with others, how to set priorities, how to assert ourselves, and how to navigate complex relationships. Sending a bouquet is a beautiful way to acknowledge all of the years of camaraderie and fun. sisters dayAdd a Gift: Robertson’s Flowers will be happy to add a spa basket, fragrant scented candle, or gourmet treat to make your delivery even more special!

For National Friendship Day, National Sisters Day, or any occasion throughout the year, the team at Robertson’s Flowers has the perfect floral expressions of your love and affection. Let her know that you would never want to do life without her – with a uniquely beautiful floral arrangement created by our designers.