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Succulent Plants ~ Design & Care

Succulent plants are terrifically trendy and for good reasons! Succulents form a large group of plants that come in a variety of textures and tones, sizes and shapes. Each plant is unique and looks great individually potted or as a group. Succulents also make great gifts and are easy-care choices for your home.

Succulents can also be included in fresh cut flower arrangements, bouquets, as boutonnieres and even place holders that double as favors!

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Succulents - light

Succulent gardensFlower Arrangements with succulentssucculent bouquets and boutonniere

Succulent Plant Care – Place in a sunny location and water about every two weeks or more frequently if the soil seems to be drying out sooner. Succulents can better tolerate drier soil versus too much water (if your pot does not have drainage, make sure to pour off any standing water). Succulents will also do well outside in the spring in summer months. Make sure to bring your plants inside before the first frost.