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Five Ways to Flourish On International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is your chance to celebrate in your own unique, authentic style. Whether you’re shouting out to the incredible women in your life, making a difference locally, or just taking some me-time for reflection, honor March 8th your way! At Robertson’s Flowers, the best florist in Philadelphia, we believe the best way to amp up any celebration is with some fresh, colorful flowers. Our bouquets are all about warmth and diversity, reflecting the true essence of IWD, especially those that include purple, white, and green (the official IWD colorway). So, aside from filling your day with spring stems, how will you spend IWD this year?

Organize a Fundraiser

Organizing a fundraiser for women-oriented charities? Total boss move! It’s all about supporting the core values of IWD, so pick a cause that speaks to your soul. This is your chance to raise some funds and awareness for initiatives that boost women’s empowerment and well-being. Think gender equality, education, healthcare – you name it! Shine a light on women’s issues and let your community know there’s still work to be done. And for that extra touch of fab, don’t forget to jazz up the event with some fresh flowers on every table. They’re the cherry on top, making everything pop with style!

Throw a Party

Get ready to party on IWD and shout from the rooftops how proud you are of women’s accomplishments! Whether you’re throwing a massive bash or keeping it cozy, a party is where the good vibes flow. Host a celebration where everyone can unwind, let loose on the dance floor, spend time together, and even try that new appetizer recipe from TikTok! In addition to selecting the perfect blooms for the event, curating the perfect guest list can help expand social circles and even professional networks — a win-win if you ask us.

Host a Brunch or Dinner

Plan an epic brunch, lunch, or dinner with your ride-or-dies on IWD and toast to all your remarkable achievements. Feast on some seriously delish grub, sip your fave cocktails and mocktails, and dive into heart-to-heart chats in the name of women. Ensure the tables are set just right with a touch of floral finesse! When picking a spot to dine, try a local restaurant run by women — because supporting female-led businesses in your area is the obvious choice.

Set Personal Goals

IWD is your cue to dream big and map out your future. Setting goals is like your secret sauce for success, giving you a clear path to make those epic dreams your reality. Whether it’s a solo goal-setting session complete with a Lofi playlist, a cozy blanket, candles, fresh stems, and a cup of hot tea, or a group project where everyone can get excited and plan together, cheering for one another and encourage you to think bigger, there’s nothing like envisioning a brighter future.

Send Flowers

We love the idea of sending flowers to your day ones, the women you stan, and those who radiate nothing but good energy on IWD! Whether they have raised you, supported you, guided you, encouraged you, rooted for you, or walked alongside you, don’t let IWD pass by without thanking them through the language of flowers. It’s the ultimate form of love, conveying everything from gratitude and admiration to joy and amazement. And hey, send yourself a bouquet of flowers, too!

At Robertson’s Flowers, we recognize IWD as more than another day on the calendar. It’s a powerful moment for us to step up and create impactful change in the world, even if it’s one petal at a time.

Honor International Women's Day