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Surprise Her with One of These Thoughtful Gifts to Include With Flowers

What better way to excite the senses than with a luxurious arrangement of refreshing, citrus toned blooms. Filled with a lush assortment of unique tones and textures including pink hydrangea, orange tulips, green orchids, succulents and Japanese holly fern - this one-of-a-kind design is sure to brighten any space.

Citrus Lux

When thinking about adding a gift to send along with flowers, it’s really not that hard. After all, flowers are the perfect gift, and pairing them with almost anything will make that gift even more special. For a little help in that regard, Robertson’s Flowers, Philadelphia’s premier florist, has put together a list of gift items that pair wonderfully with gorgeous flowers. We even have our own selection of awesome gifts for your convenience to make ordering the perfect gift for your loved one quick and easy.

Flowers are one of the best gifts to give someone, for many reasons. They are always in style, they smell great, they will put a smile on anyone’s face, and they are perfect for any and all occasions. In fact, it has been proven that receiving a beautiful arrangement of flowers positively affects our mood, social behaviors, feelings of life-satisfaction, and overall well-being.

There’s no doubt flowers are the perfect gift, and if you desire to send something extra along with a beautiful bouquet, then the below list is great gift ideas that pair well with flowers.

Awesome Gifts to Pair With Flowers

Romantic dinner served for two on a beach

Home-Made Dinner

Don’t underestimate the power of a home-made meal and how appreciated they are – especially by someone who usually has to do the cooking. Presenting someone with a delicious, from-scratch meal and a bouquet of flowers is a very thoughtful gift your loved one won’t soon forget.

Aromatherapy and health care items

Spa Essentials

Make someone feel truly pampered by gifting spa items along with a gorgeous arrangement of fresh flowers. Not only do flowers instantly lift the spirits and bring about tranquility, but so do scented soaps, bath bombs, and luxurious lotions. Give the gift of relaxation and making someone feel special when you pair spa gifts with flowers.

Silver flower brooch isolated on white


Jewelry is always loved as a gift, and when presented with vibrantly colored, and lush, fresh blossoms, then the jewels seem to sparkle all that much more! Whether a lavish necklace or a delicate charm, flowers bring out the brightness of beautiful baubles.

Chocolate candy in a cut on a white background. Blueberry and lavender flavor and taste. Blurred ingredients on background

Artisanal Chocolates

Hand-crafted, gourmet chocolates are special and unique, just like flowers. Pairing fragrant, fresh flowers with delicious chocolate truffles is a luxurious delight for all the senses.

original art, beautiful watercolor painting of flowers in vase

Print or Painting of Flowers

If your gift recipient loves getting lost in the beauty of flowers, then keep their essence and memory alive with a painting or print of flowers. Whether a small piece of art for a desk or bookshelf or a grand piece for a wall, painting of flowers, just like the real thing, brighten, uplift, and make the surrounding beautiful.

Attractive young girl reading book while drinking coffee at sunny day sitting on the balcony

Romance or Mystery Book

Few things are better than enjoying a good book in the presence of a gorgeous, fragrant vase of flowers. There’s something about their stunning colors, beauty, and softness that makes any book better.

Robertson’s Flowers can help you make the people in your life feel loved and pampered by sending them a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers and a little something extra to make your gift all that more enjoyable.