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Trending: 2018’s Positively Posh Flowers







When International Floral Distributors released its annual trend report for 2018’s floral designs, we at Robertson’s Flowers couldn’t have been more thrilled. One of the styles spoke to us in particular, and it’s an approach with which we are intimately familiar. IFD is calling it “Positively Posh,” and that’s a pretty accurate capture of what this look is about. Whimsical and romantic, designs in this style are a gorgeous blend of the traditional and the modern.

This is the bouquet a Parisian girl might put in the basket on her bike. It’s the bouquet you’d find posing on an antique table in Vogue, or functioning as a set piece in a movie about 18th century France. It’s fetching and dreamy, yet with a modern edge. You can see it reflected in our Pastel Garden Bouquet.pastel blooms designed as fresh garden bouquet

Blooms are brought together for their texture and color here, and the palette for this look is all soft pinks, grays and neutrals with an occasional pop of violet or crimson. The idea is that the petals delicately unfold one after the next to create a ruffled effect, and yet the free-form nature of the bouquet keeps this from being too studied or heavy handed.

Designs in the “Positively Posh” style should feel light and fresh, even as they hint at opulence. This trend speaks to the modern romantic and has a youthful, upbeat vibe. At Robertson’s Flowers, we have many examples of the form. Breathe some new life into your floral scheme in 2018 and browse our positively posh flowers.