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Unique Plants to Welcome New Neighbors

Moving into a new neighborhood can be a bit overwhelming. Between unpacking boxes, getting kids settled and making sure that the internet is working, it is easy to feel a little lost.

So if you see a moving truck heading into your Philadelphia subdivision carrying a new family, be sure to greet them and ask if there is anything you can do to help. Consider bringing over a home-cooked meal, along with paper plates and utensils. You may even offer to help stack empty boxes, or run to the store for needed items. But once things settle down, sending a gift from Robertson’s Flowers is an awesome way to assure them that they are welcome, and you are glad to be new neighbors. ¬†unique plants

As you probably won’t know anything about your new neighbors style, green plants are a great gift idea. Not only do green plants add interest and color to any space, but they are versatile enough to fit into virtually any home decor.

Just in case you think green plants are boring, we’d like to set your mind at ease. Robertson’s Flowers has a selection of unique green plants that are both interesting and beautiful. For instance, the jade plant (shown above) is a low maintenance succulent that would look at home on an office desk or a kitchen windowsill. If you love succulents, be sure to check out our entire online collection!

The amazing staghorn fern (shown below) requires a bit more care, but is striking in its unique shape – not to mention its distinctive glazed black ceramic container.
unique plants

We always love recommending orchids for any type of gift – their beauty and grace is subtle enough to fit in anywhere. For a lovely gift for the new neighbors sure to make an impression, these mini phalaenopsis¬†orchids are nestled among other small green plants and natural elements is a one and a half foot tall terrarium. And don’t worry, we include all of the care instructions they will need to keep this gift looking beautiful for months to come.

unique plantsShow your new neighbors that you are glad they are here – with a unique gift from Robertson’s Flowers. No matter the occasion or event, we’ve got everything you need to make a great impression.