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Posted by robertsonsflowers on February 19, 2018 Uncategorized

Want An Occasion To Matter? Just Add Flowers

Some of our favorite flower exchanges here at Robertson’s Flowers have nothing to do with the major events, holidays or occasions we typically think of as warranting them. It’s the flower gifts that are personal to the people involved and where the giving is entirely self-motivated that really inspire us. And though we have category-upon- category of flowers organized in such a way as to get you to the perfect design for an occasion, we love the fact that when it’s a unique exchange, you can pick from wherever you like.

Depending on the occasion you are helping to create with flowers, you may spring for something cheery and festive, lush and romantic, or modern and sculptural. Think about what you’re commemorating or celebrating—is it a first raise? a first kiss?—and then capture that spirit in the flowers you choose.pastel tulips, roses, and stock in a cube vase

Because you’re not tethered to a rule book, you can feel creative and enjoy the process of selecting just the right design for the reason at hand. You can feel liberated from the idea that there’s a specific bloom to give the way there is on Valentine’s Day, at Christmas, on Easter, even on birthdays. Your gift may even be entirely unexpected, in which case, all the better. We love it when flowers turn moments into memories.