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Robertson's Flowers

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A Weekend Reserved For Entertaining

On May 28th, we honor the soldiers who died in service to country, remembering the friends and family whose heroism touched our lives. But this is also a time when we gather together with the people in our lives now. The three-day weekend on the cusp of summer is an occasion to go outdoors and celebrate the change of seasons and the time we have together. Many people will be hosting backyard barbecues, al fresco dinners or other events in tribute to Memorial Day. Whether big or small, informal or formal, flowers are often called for. We use them in multiple ways on an occasion like this—to commemorate our fallen heroes, to decorate our outdoor tables and to enhance our outdoor spaces overall in preparation for summer. Robertson’s Flowers has an abundance of flowering plants and floral designs to do just that.

A patio plant makes a lovely decorative piece on a step, around a door or on a planter shelf. Our Spring Patio Pot is a great example as to how you can use a flowering plant both as a focal point and as an accent to your outdoor space.

blooming spring annuals in black ceramic container

If you’re hosting a larger affair, dress the tables with a rich cascade of greens. This will bring your outdoor surroundings straight to the table, adding life and interest to it.

Don’t forget about service tables such as bars and buffets. These too deserve flowers, and a fresh, abundant display of garden-inspired blooms not only speak to the occasion but carry the feeling of the beautiful outdoors onto every surface.

Memorial Day weekend is a prelude to summer, and the perfect time to host an outdoor event that gives people a reason to look forward to it.