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Winter’s Tantalizing Tulips

Is there anything more beautiful than a bed of spring tulips? We at Robertson’s Flowers don’t think so, but we also don’t believe in waiting until spring to enjoy one of the most celebrated of all flowers, a bloom so gorgeous that the poets of antiquity even had something to say about it. There are tulip festivals across the world, and we can understand why. It’s that same adoration that moves us to embrace tulips in winter. Yes, even in the coldest of seasons, tulips shine bright.

Given the fact that these beauties come in red, we see no reason not to include them in the usual grouping of seasonal flowers. After all, they have just as much personality as a rose and are just as beloved (see above). When brought together with seasonal greens and nestled in a sleek white container, they make a compelling alternative to the typical holiday centerpiece or floral gift. Our Tulip Jubilee shows you how it’s done. This classic staple of spring looks cheerful but modern, an unexpected surprise among a sea of holly berry and ivy. The birch bark adds a touch of the rustic to the piece, helping it work as a holiday item and bringing it from spring solidly into winter, where we think it and white tulips in a white ceramic container

One of our most beloved tulip-centered pieces, Northern Lights, is as bright as it gets, making it virtually impossible not to be happy when it’s in the room. The color story here is fresh and modern, showing off just how dynamic tulips can be.  Deep oranges, blues, purples, and greens come together in our signature leaf-lined cube vase

Then again, they can be soft and romantic, too, with just a punch of color and a lot of Winter Warmth.peach garden rose and orange tulips winter arrangement

Tulips, handled correctly, become a statement piece, no longer just reserved for the bed in a public garden or your front yard.