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Wonderful, Creative Gifts for Your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving Host

It’s November, which means spending time with family and friends and thinking about all the things for which you’re grateful. If you’ve been invited to celebrate Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving at someone else’s home this year, don’t forget to show your appreciation with a thoughtful hostess gift. At Robertson’s Flowers, serving Chestnut Hill and the surrounding areas, our florists put together an extensive, creative list of items that would make the perfect gifts for any type of host this Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving.

Get the Perfect Gift for Your Host or Hostess

Host and hostess gifts are the traditional way to thank your friend or family member for inviting you to their home. If you’re attending a potluck-style dinner, you should still bring a thank you gift because entertaining still requires a lot of work from your host. Show your appreciation with a well-chosen host or hostess gift.

1. Friendsgiving

Generosity Blossoms

Friendsgiving is like Thanksgiving, but for friends. It’s usually scheduled for the Wednesday before or after Thanksgiving Day, as long as everyone’s available. Celebrating with your buddies is fun and less formal, so feel free to get creative when choosing a hostess gift.

  1. To help your host unwind after delivering a delicious meal, gift her a spa basket filled with relaxing goodies like our Eucalyptus Spa Basket.
  2. A floral arrangement with a purpose, like the Generosity Blossoms design that continues to give by benefiting Project HOME, which in turns helps to empower adults, children, and families to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty
  3. Fuzzy socks to stay warm throughout the winter
  4. A set of kitschy oven mitts
  5. Gourmet coffee to brew with dessert
  6. Quirky fridge magnets
  7. A fresh yoga matt to encourage a healthy holiday season

2. Thanksgiving with Your In-Laws

wicker gift basket with cheese coffee and biscotti

Philly Love Gift Basket

Whether you’re meeting them for the first time or have known your spouse’s parents for ages, you should never show up to Thanksgiving dinner empty-handed. They’re inviting you into their home, family, and holiday traditions. It’s important to show them your sincere appreciation with a tastefully chosen host gift.

  1. A basket of goodness from your hometown, like our Philly LOVE Gourmet Basket, which is great to gift that brings a bit of Philly when visiting out-of-town hosts
  2. An expensive bottle of wine paired with a new opener, aerator, or set of wine glass charms
  3. Whiskey stones and a bottle of locally distilled spirits or a book on Whiskey could go a long way with impressing your father-in-law
  4. A stylish cheeseboard with fancy cheese knives and markers
  5. A box of gourmet chocolates or macarons
  6. High-quality serving utensils that always come in handy on Thanksgiving Day
  7. Decorative Philly socks that will dress up any outfit

3. Thanksgiving with Your Family

6 round candle jars with tan lids

Linneas Lights Pumpkin Candles

If you plan to celebrate Thanksgiving at your parents’ or grandparents’ house this year, impress everyone with your good manners by bringing a gift. Show them your appreciation by choosing something they’ll love or something that everyone will enjoy on Thanksgiving Day.

  1. A game to play after dinner
  2. A potted plant that can be enjoyed for years, like our Jade Plant, which symbolizes good luck, prosperity, growth, renewal, and wealth
  3. An activity for the kids, like a not-too-messy holiday craft project
  4. Hydrating hand wash to prevent bringing unwanted leftovers home
  5. Sparkling cider so everyone has something special to sip at dinner
  6. Scented candles that smell like fall, such as Linneas Lights PUmpkin candles
  7. A set of decorative kitchen towels

The Perfect Gift for Any Host or Hostess on Thanksgiving

If you’re still not sure what to get for your host or hostess this Thanksgiving, then go for the gift that never goes out of style — flower and potted plants! Appropriate for anyone, your host and all the other guests will enjoy a beautiful floral arrangement. Just be sure to get an arrangement that’s ready to go because your host won’t have time to trim stems or track down an empty vase while entertaining guests.

We invite you to stop by any Robertson’s Flowers location for personalized recommendations and assistance choosing a gift for your Thanksgiving host. We’ll help you make a selection he or she will be sure to love.