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Robertson's Flowers

Posted by robertsonsflowers on November 5, 2018 | Last Updated: October 16, 2020 Uncategorized

A Modern & Stylish Thanksgiving

There are many ways to create a gorgeous table for Thanksgiving, but we’re particular fans of blending a robust sense of tradition with a more current vibe. The modern Thanksgiving table is unique in that it hews to our most cherished customs but leaves room for an update, whether that’s in putting a twist on the dishes we prepare or in how we set our table. What matters most is who is gathered around it, and these days, it’s more than just family we’re inviting. Friends, colleagues, neighbors, teachers . . . If they matter to us, they’re included in our Thanksgiving dinner, making for a rich, inviting experience. And at the heart of it, there’s flowers.

You don’t have to feel tied to the customary cornucopia centerpiece, or the lavish splay of flowers at the center of the table. Instead, a whole crop of modern floral designs vie for attention. We love our Harvest Trio Centerpiece so much for the little bursts of Fall-garden-fantasy it brings to the table. The idea of splitting the centerpiece into three parts is genius because it gives everyone something to look at and changes the space available for platters and bowls. At just the right scale, this collection of orange and purple flowers is set off by greenery and berries, with the texture of a wood container contributing to the warm feel.

Create a Thanksgiving scene that resonates for you, combining tradition with a relaxed, modern flair.