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Create Your Front Porch’s Best Fall Display

Decorating your front porch is a fun way to bring curb appeal to your house. Autumn brings harvest colors and festive holidays that can serve to highlight the entrance of your home. Fall flowers in many sizes and colors add a welcoming touch, inviting neighbors to stop in and say hello.

The floral experts at Robertson’s Flower & Events in the Philadelphia area can suggest a variety of fall blooms, potted plants and unique containers to create a warm and welcoming front porch ready for the new season.

Why Decorate For Fall?

Fall Front Doors

Perhaps the summer flowers are beginning to fade on your front porch. Or maybe, the bright green plants that had such pretty flowers in the warmer weather have begun to turn shades of brown. The cooler weather and shorter days mean that your front porch needs a new look. Once the fall flowers and potted plants give new life to your entryway, you may even feel refreshed as neighbors begin to notice your creative display. Here are some more great reasons to decorate your front porch for fall:

  • Get Excited About the Holidays. Autumn ushers in memories of a bountiful harvest, children dressed in colorful costumes and thankful families sharing a meal. As you spruce up your porch, the realization that fall is finally here brings the excitement of the season to your home.
  • Get Creative with Your Fall Display. Add a touch of whimsy to your fall decorating by painting designs on your pumpkins or showing off the old scarecrow that made your garden such a success. Adding a few creative touches to your potted plants will get your porch noticed.
  • Get Your Neighbors in on the Action. Making your front porch stand out may encourage others to showcase their autumn designs. Your neighbors will appreciate your effort to enhance the neighborhood and might encourage others to decorate as well.
  • Get a Chance to Choose From Many Options. Choosing flowers such as fall mums for your front porch is just one option to adorn your front porch. Pumpkins and gourds add freshness to your décor. Bright green potted plants, tinged with fall colors, such as the Croton Plant can be a great option for your fall decorating needs.

Autumn Container Decorating Ideas

Fall Front Porch

The vessels you choose to house your marigolds and mums are a large part of your overall decorating strategy. In addition to flower pots and vases, there are several household products and natural displays that can be utilized creatively to give your porch an original fall look.

  • Watering Can: Adding a lovely kalanchoe plant to an old watering can to bring color and whimsy to your front porch decorations.
  • Wooden Ladder: The steps can become shelves for small gourds and pumpkins or small pots of marigolds or mums.
  • Wooden buckets: When used as planters, wooden buckets can display many types of fall -the faded browns and greys of a wooden container.
  • Wicker baskets: Choose a variety of sizes to hold tiny pumpkins and gourds surrounded by bright green ferns. Easy to assemble, these baskets will show off nature’s fall bounty.

Festive Wreaths for Your Front Door

Metal and Wooden Containers

For many houses, the door is the focal point of the front porch. Wreaths of all sizes highlight the beauty of your front door. Try including a few unexpected details to make your décor both inspiring and inviting.

Twig Wreath: Intertwined twigs look lovely against any door, especially one that is brightly painted. Add a few dried flowers or other natural plants such as crisp apples or fall leaves to enhance your door’s spotlight presence on the front porch.

Green Wreath: Made of greenery such as ferns or evergreen branches, it is easy to add color by including items of one color. To showcase the bright orange of the season, you can add miniature pumpkins to the wreath. Add bunches of small Marigolds in shades of yellow to the wreath to add warmth to your fall porch decorations.

Pine Cone Wreath: Placing dried pinecones together to form a circle is an easy and inexpensive way to say that autumn is here. Against a brightly painted front door, the subtle colors of pinecones add an inviting touch to your front porch.

Corn Cob Wreath: A wreath made of beautifully colored dried corn cobs will welcome guests to your home. Easy to make and long-lasting, this wreath is sure to become a treasured part of your fall decorations.

Decorating your front porch for fall is so much fun! So many choices of lovely fall flowers and potted plants, combined with displays including vibrant hues of gold, yellow, orange and red. Autumn holidays provide just the right inspiration to adorn your porch with fall flowers. For more insight into decorating for autumn, reach out to floral designers at Robertson’s Flowers & Events for all your fall decorating needs.