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Posted by robertsonsflowers on November 2, 2017 | Last Updated: November 20, 2020 Uncategorized

Elegant Flower Gifts for the Holiday Host

Thanksgiving is on the horizon, and if you’re like many Americans, you’ll be traveling over hill and dale (or just up the block) to gather with friends and family. Last year, 50 million people drove at least 50 miles to do the same. And while you may be contributing an item to the table, we at Robertson’s Flowers encourage you to arrive with something else: a host gift.

Even in these post-Emily Post days, a host gift is a lovely gesture that shows your gratitude. It’s an occasion to give something beautiful to people who are giving so much to you and going to such lengths to present a holiday feast. Naturally, we think the best host gift is flowers.

Given the scale of Thanksgiving, you’ll want to offer something special and unique to your host or hostess. Luckily, we find ourselves in autumn, and the flower scene is rich with gorgeous hues and textures. You may not know your host’s particular tastes or preferences, but giving them an arrangement that is elegant and Fall-inspired will save you the trouble of finding out. After all, who wouldn’t love something like Amber Charm? Amaryllis, orchid, roses . . . These are all classic blooms gathered together in an oval vase. A design like this brings both warmth and beauty into the home.

Some florals really elevate your gift game, as with our White Orchid, a single (and singular) stem that makes a graceful and dramatic silhouette. Orchids need tending, but that’s why they’re so beloved. They last long enough to be appreciated again and again.

We have a lot more to say on the subject of elegant flowers for your holiday host, so stop by and let us help you pick out something perfect.