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Floral Arrangements for Veterans Day


Here in Philadelphia, we’re gearing up for the Veterans Parade on November 5, as well as a wave of other events that celebrate our U.S. military veterans’ service to their country. Our community is rich with such heroes, and as the observances get underway, we at Robertson’s Flowers & Events¬†are thinking about how personal gestures that extend our gratitude to our favorite patriots are just as important as public expressions. Naturally, we see the gift of flowers as the perfect way to honor our deserving family and friends.

The red, white, and blue floral arrangements that are abundantly available during other patriotic holidays often speak directly to the occasion itself, rather than to the recipient. And while it’s nice to bring in the colors of the American flag, it can also limit design in terms of what flowers can be used. We see a handsome piece like our Mango Calla Gathering as hitting the right note. An elegant grouping of mango calla lilies in a seasonal color makes an understated and yet meaningful impression.

Similarly, our Amber Charm presents as a sophisticated yet more feminine gift. A rich collection of roses, amaryllis, and orchids in an oval glass vase express affection and gratitude beautifully.


Many of our dearest veterans live across the country, or may not be able to make it to the parades, parties, and observances in our community. Sending a distinctive arrangement of flowers will let them know that you are thinking of them. We at Robertson’s Flowers & Events join you in acknowledging the incredible efforts of our U.S. veterans this November 11.